One of Sierra Leone Male Fashion Designers

Born and raised in Sierra Leone. Abdel Kareem El-sudaise Mumini is the owner and CEO of the Mumini Fashion Empire. Which is a brand and a household name in the Sierra Leone fashion industry? He had made a name for himself and a mark in the Fashion business. He is a young hard-working, charismatic gentleman with dreams and aspirations to change the rules of the fashion game.

Abdel Kareem El-Sudaise Mumini in the Middle with some of his Models

Coming from a humble family that is known within the central part of Freetown for this type of business. His late father used to own the biggest Tailoring Shop in that part of town, it was a family business; which means his dad and brothers were designers themselves. Even though his parents were not rich, they knew the importance of education, so they were all sent to school. He attended the Saint Edward Secondary School. His parents instilled in him the habit of working hard. For them, being smart means hard work and be determined in whatever field you find yourself. This has been his driving force and motto since he was a kid running around his Father’s shop.

Abdel Kareem Mumini

He never gave fashion a thought until his Senior years at St. Edwards Secondary School. That was when his fashion sense just clicked and everything falls perfectly into place. He started caring about what he wears and how he presented himself in public.

Abdel Kareem in his own designs flanked by his Models

Known for a particular traditional style; the Agbada and Dashiki gowns with modern embroidery designs. He had created a niche for himself, as the few places one cannot wear the Agbada to; is the swimming and night club. Thus there is a huge market for what he does and a lot of growth opportunities. One can never go wrong with the Agbada.

Some satisfied Clients

He had worked for a lot of big personalities and dignitaries in Sierra Leone and abroad. His line of work brought him into close contact with people of different social standing and this has broadened his views about life. He has grown to appreciate life itself and he is so much grateful.

Satisfied Client of Mumini Fashion Empire

His message to young people of this country; is to look for what you love to do and see how you can turn that into a revenue source for yourself. Doing what you are passionate about and making money out of it, is a plus and a blessing in itself. You don’t need to start big, start with the little you have and gradually grow big, reduce unnecessary spending and cut down on your operating cost as much as possible, be persistent, be convincing, believe in yourself because if you don’t no one will.

Abdel Kareem doing what he loves most.

He hopes to one day see the Sierra Leone fashion industry be as developed as our counterpart in the West African Region, with fashion schools, wherein young people can actually go and enhance their skills.

If it’s Abgada he is the best, Make no mistake.

You can find his shop or showroom at 2 Campbell Street by PWD Junction Pademba Road. Go check out his store, tap into his experience for those who want to follow his steps in the fashion industry. Let’s patronizing local businesses and local content. Peace out @dasalone_titi.

Another grateful client