One of Sierra Leone Fempreneurs, Ramona Fatunatu Sankoh Owner of Monaj24/7

One of Sierra Leone Fempreneurs, Ramona Fatunatu Sankoh owner of Monaj24/7

Meet today’s dose of Sierra Leone Young vibrant female Entrepreneurs. She is nobody but the dynamic go-getter Ramona Fatunatu Sankoh.

Her Logo

A public Servant and owner/ founder of Monaj24/7. She is a household name in Sierra Leone and abroad and she is into everything Ankara. Using the Ankara to make clothing and accessories with a modern twist to it.

In her own designs

That can be use to spice and posh up the everyday casual look. Which is very appealing to young Sierra Leoneans. She customizes; exercise books, diaries, headbands, hats, straw hat, clothing, earrings, bomber jackets, neckpieces, sandals and slippers for both sexes, that are authentically Sierra Leone. Contact your homegirl for that special Ankara touch to add to your look. You can also use her product for gift on holidays to your bosses, your mothers, fathers, sons e.t.c Let’s continue to support local business and give them the chance to grow and compete. She is on the following Social Media handles;
FB- RamonaMonaj

Men Leather Ankara Slippers

Emoji fun bags and clutches
Custom ankara books for a client
Casual bags and statement
Neck pieces and matching bangles
Earrings and matching bangles
Her latest ankara silk collections