The Art of Life(the painter) by Rahima Vandy Kargbo🖼🎨🏜

Mr. Painter paints a life, a baby innocent and free of the world’s troubles, shameless adult, the body shame the chubbiness of thighs and arms. Can you please airbrush this baby, he is not cute, they called out behind them. Oh, in the presence of outsiders they smile and make funny faces, and say oh what a cutie cute baby, how hypocritical? Let their childhood produce the effect of fine lines and a wide sweep. Forcing kisses on their cheeks soak in saliva and a mixture and remnants of whatever they last ate. Life shows itself to us but funny how we cannot make sense of any of it.

Sierra Leonean painting

Mr. painter paints a life, a teenager whose life’s line is not straight. deep voice, big bones, broad chest clearer features. Ooh yeah, breast round like calabash, don’t be in awe the gods approved. please highlight the shapes, waist with a curve that will get you dizzy quickly like new and pure palm wine. Rebellion at its best; what makes you think you’ve grown? Just add texture and the don’ts become dos, dos become don’ts. it’s all hormones uncontrollable a phase and this too shall pass. The taboos, the rush, you think you are all that, right? Yes, you are all that but you are even more just allow the process of time, as everything has a place in time, ask history.

Painting By Gibril Bangura

Mr. Painter paints a life, as an adult faces a life of hardships and torment, haunted by the past, complicated relationships. Yes! Heard it’s a status now in the virtual world. Does it even exist? A utopia of what life really used to be.hmmm more time for the less important and less time for more important. Just how karma has shown us our parents’ love and sacrifice. Society had planned a path that which if not taken, your journey is truly not successful. Unnecessary pressures our shoulders to bear. How life can be nice and mean at the same time and showed up when we least expect. They call it the Wakanda generation nothing seems real but we hold it in high esteem because it creates a false spirit of unison.

Painting By Gibril Bangura

Mr. Painter paints a life, as an old fella! Life has snatched the youths away, the strength, oh how frail and weak. Oil paint all the what-ifs, doubts, and regrets. You hear them say; I could have love harder, run faster, eat slower, exercise more, buy that dress, buy that car, build that house, married the woman or man of my dreams, spent more time with the children, the family. We have all the time or where did it go? An illusion of what seems to be time. How materialistic and vain the human mind can be. Paint how truly short this life could be, what’s borrowed can be taken when we least expect. Please paint my life, give them colors, make it vibrant as a rainbow. Don’t let them know how miserable it was, ain’t we all putting up a front? Give it the life I did not have. Make it a masterpiece not fit for the museum and the gallery, its too priceless. Paint me


Sonnisha’s 🍴 Kitchen, Entrepreneurs Within the Food Industry

I am super excited😀😊readers, and can you guess why? yes I know, I know, I like food but I am not a foodie. I am thrilled because this is my first food blog post. So, this week I am going to serve you this very young student entrepreneur on a platter. Get all your cutleries ready. Now let’s dig into it. Bon appetite!

Sonnisha’s Kitchen

Let’s get serious now, can we? enough with the distractions. You all meet our very own young student entrepreneur, Miss Sonia Haja Koroma. Owner and Founder of Sonisha’s Kitchen. A law student at the Fourah Bay College, currently in year three. Oooo yes! aspiring lawyers can cook too.

Miss Sonia Haja Koroma Owner of Sonisha’s Kitchen

She said, as a kid, she hated the kitchen, she thought then it was too much of a work. Washing all those plates and pot, the sweeping and cleaning to tidy up the kitchen after cooking was too much for her. That was her image and understanding of the kitchen. Children in Africa can relate. But as she grew up in her teenage years, her interest in food increases and the same for her love for the kitchen.

Crunchy Fish Fingers by Sonnisha’s Kitchen

She is a foodie and her passion for cooking started with her trying out various recipes for herself. She then started cooking for family and friends and they were intrigued by how good and tasty her food was. She got a lot of compliments and feedback from people of all ages and different background. That’s when she started paying close attention to this talent of hers and the thought of doing it commercially was born.

Crispy /Crunchy Chicken wings by Sonnisha’s Kitchen

She said cooking has helped her a lot and has open a lot of opportunities for her, as she cooks and caters for a lot of people and events. She constantly tries to upgrade herself by learning new recipes on and offline, by trying out new ways to make old foods. Cooking helps her financially, and has provided her with lunch money, transportation to and fro college and other basic needs she has as a young woman. Cooking keeps her going, she said.

Slice Sausages with tomato sauce by Sonnisha’s Kitchen

I asked her, how she is able to balance her school work and her catering business? She smiled and replied; previously if by any chance my catering work collides with my exams or any other important academic programs I won’t take the job. That is no longer a problem as I have a very hard-working assistant, who is able to hold the fort in my absence. As a result, I am now able to balance my academics and catering services more efficiently.

Sandwich by yours truly

Her advice to her fellow students is that they should not limit themselves to just academics. There are skills they could be talented with and they should not be afraid to explore those skills. To fellow young Sierra Leoneans, she said: “let not be mentally or physically lazy, let our mind be as active as possible, we can do anything we set our hearts to do”. There are so many other things we could do, as young people to uplift our selves economically and it starts with our minds.

Vegetable bulgur with plantain

She needs all the support she can get from us Sierra Leoneans. She really cooks well, does nice foods and her prices are very affordable. For inquiries about her services please contact her on Facebook@Sonia Haja Koroma, or you can call her on the following numbers; +23278607275/ +23299381090. ✌peace @dasalonetiti

Miss Koroma




SALONE POLITICS….not a do or die affair

I started voting in 2007 but politics, in general, seem way different now. People (Sierra Leoneans) act as if God programmed them to either be SLPP or APC like robots. C’mon now my people! Salone people this SLPP and APC’s revenge politics is not good, and we have the power to send a message to both political parties come 2023 election. The power is in our hands, the power is in our votes.

My opinion is, as a nation, we need a fresh start, we can’t deny the fact that this country is divided along tribal and regional lines. Anybody who refuses to see and accept this is a total hypocrite and not a patriot ‘and we go sweh’. This should not even be the case in this country period. Being a descendant from the largest ethnic group from the north; maternal side and that of the largest ethnic group in the east; paternal side. I know the emotional struggles that come with this and in such conflict, we are the biggest losers. No one asks us how it feels, no sides trust us. People just assume it works well for us and moves on, but no! we suffer a lot from “in the middle syndrome” and most of you don’t know an iota of how that feels, but, it’s the most confusing and lonely place to be.

I have been judged by my surname before and it’s not a fun feeling. you know there are names the moment you hear them you know the ethnicity and the region they belong? yeah, I have such maiden name and so in 2010/2011, there was a scholarship assign to the then-first lady. Which a prominent female politician of the then party in governance was assigned to be in charge of. She is late now and off course she and my mother discuss how I need the financial help so she promised to help. My mother then called me, harassed me to bring all my school documents and certificates to go see the said late woman (agbada) in charge. We went there and was warmly welcomed by her, after sharing greetings with my mothers in their local dialect, which I could strenuously understand they switched back to krio (all man yone).

My mother then collected my documents from me and gave to the late woman and immediately after opening and seeing my eastern region surname everything changed her countenance and her voice in particular. She was like, her words exactly ‘den wan ya na dem people dem bin de say we Pekin dem nor de learn book, so this scholarship is strictly for we yone them’ my mother was shocked! and said ‘me wey carry am nine months and born am nor to the north ar komot?’ And the woman replied, “but her Father is a from the eastern region”. My mother continues her outcry but we discuss prior her and you said we should come see you and you would help. She answers, yes! I didn’t know she is from the east. My mother then signals me to get up, we exchanged goodbyes and left without saying anything to each other for a while. I was so hurt I cried but definitely did not give the late woman the pleasure of seeing me cry, so I held on to my tears as much as I could before unleashing the rain at the foot for the hill [laugh]. okay, I didn’t even mention the hill we climbed to get to that woman’s place at Tengbeh Town. I could sense the shame, hurt and embarrassment from my mother’s voice when she finally gathered the strength and courage to utter the following words “me pekin bear,lef for a cry! d God wey don bring this far through college go finish ein job”. We parted ways because she was in the west end of Freetown while I lived in the east. I kept thinking, why should my name be a basis for screening to get an opportunity in Sierra Leone, as a Sierra Leonean? Long story short I did not get the scholarship because of my popular eastern region name. This experience is not one-sided, I have heard so many others with similar experiences from both sides, ordinary citizens who knew nothing of the bad politics in Sierra Leone and who are not politicians. Is this the Sierra Leone we want for our kids and grandkids? Where is this country going? Why should your name or the region you are from determines the benefits you

gets or entitled to as a citizen in this country? Sierra Leone is for all of us; not the property of APC or SLPP. The rate at which people are losing their job currently I have never seen before, technocrats, not politicians, just because of their names and the region they are from. This revenge (turn am gie u, do me ar do u politics) will take us nowhere it will just further the gap and divide, and we don’t want that for our selves, our children or children children’s.

Let’s come together as Sierra Leoneans and bring in a healer, a unifier in this our nation, someone who would bridge the gap and divide between this nation and the hurts in our hearts…people will say, oh na only two parties we get na Salone any third wan nor go survive. It won’t survive because we keep voting for the same people just different political party names. Scrubbing old salt container and storing sugar in it after every ten years. It’s the same cup! for Christ sake, only the content inside is changed.

The funny thing is, these people will continue to rule us as they see fit. Another thing is when one party is in power they send all their kids abroad to go get better education and advantage. Stacked as many resources as possible, during their tenure that will last them the next ten years in opposition wilderness. At the end of their years in opposition, they will come again, this time, with their children and grandchildren occupying big positions in these MDA’s or a whole Agency(ies) establish for them to head. Our brothers and sisters will still collect chicken change le 30000 and T-shirts jump in the streets at any slight incitement by these politicians. You can never see their children in any of these riots oooo…..Bo this e morna ooooo.

Salone people guard and guide your children, wives, husbands, brothers, and sisters. They are the future. If you are saying you were born in one political party and will die at that party, you are one of Salone’s biggest problem. Have you ever asked yourself why should you die for a particular political party? Are you okay with the roads in this country? Are you okay with the health system? Are you okay with the bread and butter issue? Are you okay with the continual increase in prices? Prices never come down in the country except for fuel once in a while. what about our educational sector? were students now feels it their basic human right or their entitlement to spy, buy grades, university results and its okay. Are you okay with our agricultural sector? we are blessed with fertile soil but still cannot produce to feed ourselves not to talk of exporting. Are you okay with our tourism industry? Other countries depend solely on tourism. we are blessed with white sand beaches and beautiful landscapes yet we don’t benefit from it as a nation. Are you okay with our mines and minerals industry? some of the biggest diamonds of this world have been found in Sierra Leone but where has that taking us as a nation? We have gold, silver, bauxite, iron ore, zirconia, coltan, granite, rubber, cocoa, timber and so much more, but how have the above blessings reflect in our lives as Salone people? From 1961 to date how much has the ordinary Sierra Leonean benefited from these minerals. So after answering all the above questions, as a patriot, do you still want to die for a political party?

Let’s educate ourselves, reorientate ourselves then get down to our communities, towns, villages and start educating our people. Only God and fools don’t change. We need somebody or a political party that will heal this nation and its people. I keep saying this, the only thing helping us or the only blessing covering us; is the intermarriages because we cannot hurt our husbands, wives, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters and our children. A word for the wise is enough. By the way, this is My opinion on My blog. If you have a problem with it please go write yours…..Lonta!!!

#Salone youth know thyself#