Lipstick 💄

Lipstick Red

Like blood it flows.

Stains and soils whatever it touches.

Every Vein it flows through form bonds Unbreakable.

Like the Mystery of it existence unshakable.

Where did it come from again?

They say it spits Passion.

They say it spills Love.

Yet the world is full of strangers.

Like, river it flows through each of us.

Lipstick Yellow

Like a furnace, it glows and dances into shapes undefine.

Burns whatever it touches, every path it treads with anger and thirst unquenchable.

Destroy everything and everyone for or against it.

Is that even fair?

Too much heat, you can’t be close.

Providing light and darkness at the same time.

The world of extreme, no place for the middle.

They say it spreads death.

They say it spread ashes.

Like fire it destroys.

Lipstick Blue

Like the ocean, it moves with calmness when at peace.

Give lives to whatever it touches

If crossed, beware of waves as high as the mountain will rock your world and shatter its foundation.

Every movement it makes with torrent unpredictable.

Can it even gently rock your boat?

They say it pushes you out with an unkind force.

They say it brings you in again into the coldest embrace.

Its voice can be heard,

when it hit the rocks and shape their lives forever.

Echo’s it rage the mountains call back and roars like a lion.

Like the ocean, it moves with calmness when at peace.

Poem by dasolonetiti