Glam Diva Beauty- Sierra Leon Beauty Industry

We are looking at Sierra Leone’s beauty Industry this week. A beautiful, hard-working, young woman is making tremendous strides within the beauty business. She is an epitome of Black girl magic and a promoter of what’s the BBB is about; beautiful, brilliant and business-minded. I know you are already intrigued, so let us just delve right into it. For the ultimate bridal makeovers and beauty quick fixes please contact her on Facebook and Instagram @ GlamDivaBeauty19, call or send her SMS on this number +23275012258. You can also send her an email-

Readers please meet, Adama Koroma, the first of four children. She lost her mother three years ago. She has not let the passing of her mother deter her from pursuing her dreams. Her father has been a great pillar of support for her. She attended the Annie Walsh Memorial School where she sat to the wassce and proceeded to Njala University where she attained a B.Sc degree in Public Health. She also has a Master’s degree in Public health from the Southeast University, Nanjing, China. She is owner of the GLAM DIVA BEAUTY which is a beauty shop that is fully registered with all appropriate bodies. One of the few beauty shops at the very east of Freetown. Glam Diva Beauty can be found At Hastings Junction, Main Waterloo Highway close to the toll gate.

Adama Koroma Owner of Glam Diva Beauty

She offers a range of services at Glam Diva Beauty; Manicure and Pedicure, Bridal Make up; For both traditional and white weddings, casual makeovers for event and parties, Hair services are also available as they do braids, hair extensions, weave/ weft, and wigs. She also offers treatment and styling for those with natural hair.

Her work; traditional bridal look

She said, the leap from her field of study to the beauty industry came out of the need to have her own business and be her own boss and at the same time help others feel beautiful about themselves. Her business provides job for young people, particularly young women who want to make a career in the beauty industry. She says her job as a beautician helps to lift the spirits of others, make them feel good about themselves, gain confidence and feel comfortable in their skin. Beauty enhancement is very important nowadays not just in Sierra Leone but the world at large. “If i can help people feel good about themselves, provide jobs and empower others and still be able to make money, nothing can beat that feeling”, a glamorous Miss Koroma stated.

The inside look of Glam Diva Beauty

Her biggest achievement, she said, has been providing jobs for others. She had been able to employ four people to be specific. That has been possible because she dares to dream and make it a reality. She is building her clientele base through recommendations and referrals and has been getting a lot of positive reviews and feedbacks which she has been using constantly to upgrade herself. She explained, that in this industry one should never be complacent. Like fashion, beauty feeds on trends and trend feeds on time. So, as someone with that knowledge, she constantly upgrades herself and her products with what’s trending in the beauty industry. Ms. Koroma emphasizes that her contribution to national development gives her satisfactiion.

The Mani and Pedi Section

One of her major challenges has been getting clients and maintaining them. She is extremely grateful to her family, friends, and acquaintances for helping spread the word about her business and location. She has also been using social media to let people know of her work as it is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. She tries to get her clients to involve in discussions of fashion and trends in other for her to know what their thoughts and expectations are.

Boss Lady Adama Koroma

Another challenge is competition, even though the beauty industry is a young one in Sierra Leone. The competition is intensive, as trends are changing every day. She needs to constantly be on her A-game all the time, to update herself and her store with the latest nails and nail products, hair and hair products. Hiring beauticians with thorough experience of beauty and the industry, as their service will have a great impact on her business.

Traditional Wedding makeover

Finally, the maintenance of her shop. She knows no one would want to be in an unhygienic place to get a beauty service. So, her shop has to be attractive all the time for her clientele from her lighting’s, chairs and fresh diffusers to create a fresh and welcoming ambiance for her customer. Teaching her employees and training them on the importance of great customer service. However, the real issues have been getting a balance between the aforementioned challenges and making a decent profit. So far, she has been coping.

She was asked to tell readers one secret about herself. She replied, I don’t know if this is a secret but I am a very ambitious and competitive person, but the secret is I don’t hate on others for their progress. What I do is challenge myself to be the better version of myself. Seeing the amazing work of others keep me on my toes, although I know my limits. I admire hard-working people and that has been the fuel that pushes me to go get what I want and to achieve great things.

The Hair section

Her advice to fellow youth is that they should be aware that to start anything good is not easy. There are so many challenges that are holding young people back, but they should know these challenges are inevitable. They should accept these obstacles and work to surpass them and never give up. Whatever little corner they find themselves, they should always know that they as youth have the capacity to be the change they want to see in Sierra Leone. Be their own cheerleader, motivation, and competition. Never settle for less but always thrive to be the best of themselves. Life is full of amazing opportunities, they just have to tap into their potential and not let other people’s opinion limit their ideas and aspirations. Whatever they admire in others they have the capability to be and do themselves. Finally, nothing good comes easy, so they should trust the process of hard work and growth to get to their desired destinations.

The outer look of her shop at Hasting Junction main Waterloo Highway not too far from the Hasting toll Gate.

So, that’s it readers, Sierra Leone you heard it here first. Our aim of doing this is to bring these risk-takers to the knowledge of Sierra Leoneans and to motivate others out here to keep on pushing. It’s never too late to start something beneficial for yourself and your communities. While we are at it please let’s not forget to patronize this young woman who has done tremendously well and is still doing a lot to keep her business alive. If you are in the east part of Freetown, the wedding season is just around the corner. Book now and secure a place so you won’t get disappointed. If you need that quick makeover for parties and event just stop by her shop and support her you won’t regret it. @dasalonetiti