By Moses Kay Fembeh

On Saturday 29th October 2022, the Patriotic Advocacy Network Sierra Leone (PAN-SL) organized a meaningful and educative PUBLIC SPEAKING competition among school-going pupils at The Hill Valley Academy, Mambo, in the Western Urban District of Freetown, Sierra Leone. 

According to the organizers of the program, it was apologetically organized for school-going pupils in different schools in Freetown with the desire to be spread shortly to other schools in the provinces. This aim at showcasing the potential talents of young school-going pupils, especially young girls.

The Theme was, “DIGITAL GENERATION, OUR GENERATION”. The event was graced by several dignitaries, including Her Worship Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyer, Madam Basita Michael, Madam Naasu Fofana, author of “Tell It To Naasu”, Mrs. Morrison, former Principal of the Annie Wash Memorial School and several people who have been an exemplary to life-changing mission in Sierra Leone and the world at large were in attendance, and parents from different schools were also in attendance to witness this extremely exciting public speaking competition that was done by selected young secondary school girls in Freetown and Waterloo.

The public speaking was called, “BASTA MICHAEL PUBLIC SPEAKING FOR GIRLS”. In addition, several young people attended to witness this historic and educative program.

Ansumana Keita is the Executive Director of Patriotic Advocacy Network Sierra Leone, he and his team did excellent tasking and demanding work for organizing such an educative program which many presents wish will continue.

However, the organizers promised to continue with the good work they have started, and their target is not only young girls but young boys as well, so they can become responsible people in the future. 

Madam Basita Michael was the keynote speaker, during her keynote address, she applauded Keita and the team for their tremendous effort in bringing those potential young people on board to confidently showcase their talents in a free and precise manner. She also encouraged the young people to continue building up themselves as they are promising leaders. 

Furthermore, all the competitors were well-informed and prepared for the various critical topics ranging from Sexual orientation to girls & women empowerment. The event was truly appreciative as the competitors were extremely confident to talk about issues that are affecting our nation today, like disinterest among parents and school authorities for not teaching young girls sex education, early marriage, teenage pregnancy, and the odds challenges that are yet to be tackled by the government and a halfway clap for Her Excellency Fatima Bio Hands off Initiative.

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