By Boss Ezekiel 

The people of Serabu, Bumpeh NgaoChiefdom have applauded Emmanuel Pius Richards Foundation (EPRF) for its tremendous effort in supporting the people with health, agriculture, education, and empowering youths with human capital development skills in the Chiefdom.

Over the years the EPRF has been focused on implementing programs to improve agriculture, Technical Vocational training (TVET), infrastructure and health in the chiefdom, as well as complementing the effort of President Julius Maada Bio, especially in education which is the government’s flagship program.

The Emmanuel Pius Richards Foundation had been contributing immensely to improving the lives of the people of Serabu by providing them with skills training as well as boosting them with agricultural equipment and seedlings to farmers across the chiefdom. The foundation exists not only to support the people of Serabu but has shown the responsibility of bringing unity and peace among the people of the Chiefdom.

During the previous holy month of Ramadan, the foundation distributed 80 (eighty) bags of rice to all the Chief Imams in Bumpeh Chiefdom as a gift from the EPRF to support them (the Imams) during the holy month of Ramadan.

The EPRF has also recently constructed a magnificent Multipurpose Hall at the Serabu vocational secondary school which will accommodate over 117 pupils and will be used for external examination purposes and other activities in Serabu town. The Multipurpose Hall comprises offices, a dressing room and a library for the Serabu vocational secondary school. The construction of the Multipurpose Hall has provided relief for hundreds of school children that were always working over 117 miles away from Serabu to Bumpehto take their external exams.

This effort showed how the foundation had put a great effort into improving the livelihood of the people of Serabu through the directives of the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Emmanuel Pius Richards of the Foundation.

The foundation has also donated exercise books, geometry sets, and pencils to the less privileged and remote communities across the Chiefdom. The foundation has immensely contributed to empowering youths in the chiefdom and afforded them agricultural materials such as seedlings and other machinery. The empowering of youth by EPRF has served as a complement to fulfill the efforts of the government of President Julius Maada Bio in providinghuman capital development.

Emmanuel Pius Richards is making life better for his people and also a blessing to the people of Serabu, Bompeh Ngao Chiefdom.

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