By Moses Kay Fembeh 

On Wednesday 19 October 2022, Afrimoney, and Guaranteed Trust Bank had a business partnership dialogue at the bank conference room at Wilberforce Street, Freetown.

Mr. Arthur Kallon the Corporate Officer at GT Bank, made a brief statement by thanking Afrimoney and the press for making it possible to attend the meeting at the bank. And further said that this is not the first partnership they have got with institutions and Afrimoney is no exception, as they have partnered with several local & international institutions. 

Ade Adebiyi is the Managing Director of GT Bank in Sierra Leone, he said that day is a historic day in financial inclusion strategy of the government and the regulators. He further said that they at GT Bank are happy to associate themselves with such an opportunity. He mentioned a story of one Saidu who lived in Binkoro and worked for a local nongovernmental organization, “Because the nearest bank to Saidu was a hundred kilometers from him, it became difficult for Saidu to Bank his money, but since 2016, Saidu joined Afrimoney and his necessities started going higher and he started thinking of opening an account. So one day he was listening to a Radio when he heard dial *3737# which he used to open his account through his phone with GT Bank and he was happy. But he had another problem, he asked himself,   “How do I put money in my account when banks are far away?” I believe that Saidu’s problem has been solved today because with his Afrimoney he could now deposit money in his account through Afrimoney. Because the GT Bank and Afrimoney launched wallet to wallet 264 000 (Two hundred and sixty-four thousand) customers at GTB will help them to have easy access to financial inclusion and I believe that the wallet-to-wallet will help Saidu and our customers in the 16 sixteen branches in the country to live a stress-free life.” 

Martinson Obeng Agyei the Managing Director of Afrimoney applauded his team, the press, and the management of GT Bank for hosting them and he said they as digital money operators are available to partner with financial institutions in other to ease the burden on customers who may find it difficult to leave their homes to go to the bank. He stated that customers can now access their physical money at the nearest Afrimoney agent’s posts. Agyei said they need more collaborations as they have assigned six thousand agents to serve all GT Bank customers by dialing *161#. He went on to say that collaboration like what they have with GT Bank will help the Bank customers and even those prospective Afrimoney users to establish an account with the bank. He acknowledged the MD’s story about Saidu and he said to avoid embarrassment at the bank you can deposit any amount through Afrimoney with 0.4 or 0. 6 which is not even sum up to the transport fare you will use to come to town to deposit in the hot burning sun. “Imagine you go to the bank, well-dressed up and you see those beautiful ladies behind the Teller or counter and you want to deposit fifty Leones you will feel embarrassed. So to avoid that we are happy for this collaboration and to maintain the symbiotic relationship as this is just the beginning of our partnership, we will try our best with GT Bank to make life easy for your customers and ours,” he said.

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