“Our responsibility is to man the borders of Sierra Leone,” says the Chief Immigration officer Mr Andrew KaiKai at the Immigration Departmentwho informed journalists that it is the responsibility of his institution to man all the crossing borders of Sierra Leone. Mr Kaikai made this statement during the budget hearing exercise at the Ministry of Finance Conference room in Freetown.  He continued that in Sierra Leone some of the main focused crossing points are Gbalamuya in Kambia the crossing border between Sierra Leone and Guinea and Gendem between Sierra Leone to Liberia as well as placement of Immigration officials at those strategic areas has been done.

He explained further that the Immigration Department will continue to do its best and according to him, one of the key functions of the Immigration Department is to monitor the inflow and the outflow of people across the different border lines. “Though we are constraints with funds, my institution has made some significant strides from 2018 to 2022 and we have increased our performance in serving our customers as our priority” he expressed.

Mr KaiKai added that though the country is experiencing inflation of the US dollar exchange rate still, there is yet an increase in sales of passports. He also stressed that his government will fight harder in making sure that they control the inflation of the dollar exchange rate in the country.

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