The sensational Leone Stars striker, and former Bo Rangers and Sierra Leone Premier League top goal-scorer Musa Noah Kamara, alias Musa Tombo attempted to inflict death himself on Thursday 13 October 2022.

By: Joseph K. B. Morison

(Heroes Media Reporter Bo City)

Kamara was the former Bo Rangers striker, he was recently caught on social media apologizing to the Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers Mr Babadi Kamara after the club terminated his contract for unprofessionalism and misconduct of his attitude towards the club and the several stories surrounding his football career.

It was hoped that Kamara’s contract with the Sierra Leone Premier League  (Bo Rangers), and his newly sign-up Libyans Football Club will be an added advantage. But to everyone’s surprise, eyewitnesses said that Kamara decided to come back home because he had heard too many gunshots in Libya and if they refused to bring him back he would kill himself to avoid the club bringing him back to Sierra Leone. 

The Heroes Media could affirm that since Kamara returned from Libya he has been Bo to sign up another contract with Bo Rangers, but there was no indication that Bo Rangers is ready to accept him back into the league, even though there were pictures of him and his former Boss Mr Babadi Kamara after his apology.

According to eyewitnesses, they said, Musa Noah Kamara was staying with a friend at the back of Southern Model School New Gerihun Road when he allegedly stabbed himself for a reason best known to himself.

However, the Sierra Leone police, the media and police relations officer two ( media 2) of the Sierra Leone police, police constable Alhaji Osman Mansaray said, they received a distressed call from the community people in Bumpewo section where it happened that Musa Noah Kamara had stabbed himself.

He continued that, the police did not waste any time but dispatched police personnel to the scene of the crime, where they met the Leone Stairs’ striker in critical condition. He affirmed that the striker was later rushed to the Bo government hospital for treatment.

Furthermore, he said, there is a law in the Sierra Leone police order act, when you attempt to commit suicide is a crime towards the State. Meanwhile, eyewitnesses believe that Musa was trying to commit suicide, as it was clear that Musa Noah Kamara asked his wife to forgive him for his predicament concerning his football career.

However, after he was taken to the hospital on Thursday he asked the nurses to discharge him and he was discharged at around 9 pm on Thursday as we saw him again on Friday parading on the major streets in Bo such as New Gerihun Road and other key streets. But he was later apprehended by some youths in the city who aided him by carrying him in a vehicle.

According to Statement from Babadi, he said, “You purported that Musa has no contract with Bo Rangers even when I submitted the same to the FA President yet still you brutally destabilized the young man just so that he doesn’t represent Bo Rangers in the Africa Champions League. You have succeeded thus far to destroy an innocent soul. Wait and see what God will do to you. Whatever we can do to help Musa as a club we will do. He remains to be one of the greatest players to ever put on the Bo Rangers Jersey and for that, we are forever grateful. It is going to be well with Musa.  Inshaallah, for the wicked, may Allah judge you according to our deeds”.

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