Afrimoney Partners With Commercial Mortgage Bank

By Moses Kay Fembeh

Afrimoney Sierra Leone is a local digitalize monetary transactions platform that has been very helpful to individuals, cooperation, and institutions within the country. 

Theresa Jane Wright, the Marketing Supervisor of Afrimoney in her opening remarks told members gathered about the conference and how the two energetic institutions, Afrimoney and CMB could be of great help to the people of Sierra Leone.

Velma Labor is theExecutive Director of Commercial Mortgage Bank (CMB) in the country, during her presentation at the Afrimoney conference room at Wilberforce village, sheexpressed her profound thanks and appreciation to Afrimoney and said the Commerce Montage Bank did not make any mistake in choosing Afrimoney for the easiness and comfortable space that will be created for their customers. She furthered that Afrimoney and the CMB will enjoy an excellent partnership with each other. “We are aware of digital transactions and that is why we have partnered with Afrimoney so that our customers will be very much comfortable when withdrawing and depositing money in their accounts. We care about the welfare of our customers and partners and we will continue to make sure that we render our best services to them through the monetary policy and banking system of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone,” she said. 

According to her, CMB customers will now be able to access their accounts, withdraw and deposit whatever amount they may have in their hands through Afrimoney wallet. And that CMB’s primary goal is to use innovative technology to create a better banking experience, and by the end of the year, CMB will be boasting of being an innovative financial institution that offers customers digital banking solutions that will assess our customers’ current and cooperative needs in the near future for a better finance inclusion and they are encouraging non-governmental organizations and other cooperate institutions to bank and establish a relationship with them. Adding to that, she said Bank is now a bridging moral that presents customers with attractive services and products within the context of their businesses. She ended up by saying that CMB is grateful to the Afrimoney team and their timely response to the partnership and thanked the Afrimoneyteam and the management of CMB for their resilience and technicality during the onset of the program. She was optimistic about their partnership with Afrimoneyand National Social Security Insurance Trust (NASSIT) as their shareholder and for believing in them and the service they render to their customers and others. 

Martinson Obeng Agyei, the director of Afrimoneythanked the Managing Director of CMB and the team for believing in partnership and assured them that Afrimoney is not like any bank and banks must not see the system as a threat to financial coexistence, but as a useful tool that could be used for the benefits of all. 

Going forward, he sighted COVID-19 in 2019 when some businesses and other institutions were closed because of the spread of coronavirus and some people were working in their various homes instead of their workplaces. He believes that in the next few years companies will not survive if they do not embark on a money digitalization policy as money digitalization policy will help people to work in their homes and collect money anywhere they want instead of standing in the queue for a long time to deposit or withdraw. “Don’t forget I’m a bank customer too, why don’t we work together to build this common and affordable goal for our convenience? We should not be competing, instead, we should work hand in hand to satisfy our customers for a better future. Many times, people think that we are in this to compete. Remember, we are a mobile money platform, a non-financial institution, we are not doing what the Bank is doing, we hope to amicably work with banks. As for CMB, we are happy to work with you all and we are not going to stop at anything. We shall work with each other to bring satisfaction to our customers and today we have assigned six thousand agents to you nationwide,” he noted. 

Moreso, he said the essential product for human desire and satisfaction is the use of time. Imagine, some people will not have time to go to the bank to collect money, especially mothers who will have to go to school to pick up their kids and come back home to prepare meal for the family. These are a few of the issues why everyone needs to embark on money digitalization and with Afrimoney one can deposit any amount without going to the bank. “Presume you dressed up well and you go to meet those beautiful ladies at the bank and tell them that you want to deposit ten Leones (Le 10), they will look at you and see the way you dress up, and you will be guilty of not depositing much money and in actual sense the bank wants you to deposit money. With the digital partnership with CMB, customers can withdraw or deposit in their accounts at any time and they will be notified immediately after. Twenty hours, seven days a week and six thousand agents have been given to CMB. We hope that everything will get better if we are ready to work together,” he said

In conclusion, “To our cherish customers, continue to dial *161# and thank you to the CMB team and our fourth estate for being there for us always,” he added.

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