African Union Police Chief Appointed

The current serving Chief of the African Union Multinational Police Force in Somalia Commissioner, Augustine Kailie has been endorsed this morning by the Police Council as Deputy Inspector General of Police. He is expected to round up his mission in Somalia and take up his new role in the next coming days. 

Commissioner Kailie oversaw the operational planning and security of the recently concluded parliamentary and presidential elections in Somalia. He held various command and operational positions in Sierra Leone. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from FBC and a master’s degree in Peace Development Studies. 

Given his wealth of experience and professional career including his educational background, his appointment has been widely appreciated by his colleagues in the SLP and the African Union. A few minutes ago, a senior police officer posted in a forum that “The new DIG is a fine and refined police officer.”

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Juliana D. Conteh Wins Housemates Salone Season 3, As She Triumph Over Obstacle

By Moses Kay Fembeh

On Friday 19th August 2022, Afrimoney, Africell Sierra Leone in collaboration with African Young Voices (A.Y.V) media empire had a grand style presentation and signing ceremony for the winner of Housemates Salone, season 3. 

Accordingly, Mr. John Konteh said the Housemates Salone, season 3 planning lasted nearly six months. Furthermore, he said that it was not without its challenges as they received thousands of applications from Sierra Leonean residents and Sierra Leoneans based in the diaspora. “With the help of our credible, trustworthy and hardworking judges we were able to select sixty participants. Since Sierra Leone is a religiously tolerant nation,we were slightly disturbed because of Ramadan but we managed to adjust ourselves and finally twenty-two qualified for the Housemates Salone, season 3. These housemates spent nine weeks in the house and we used to evict 3-4 participants per week and that is due to low votes per person,” he said. 

Juliana D Conteh alias Julie Tombo merged as the winner of this year’s Housemates Salone, season 3. Before its commencement, the organisers promised during the initial journey of the Housemates Salone, season 3 a sum of two hundred and fifty million Leones (Le 250,000 In Old Leones) which is Le 250,000(In New leones) and a one-month vacation to Dubai. Konteh further introduced the winner of Housemates Season 3, Ms. Juliana D. Conteh to members of the fourth estate, and those gathered in the Afrimoney boardroom at Wilberforce village. There was a joyful noise in the Hall from her fans and supporters, one could even figure out the joy that was running through Julie Tombo’s heart. 


Samuel Wise Bangura is a staff of Africa Young Voices AYV television, he represented the Chief Executive Officer of AYV,Mr. Junior Navo and explained their experiences and challenges faced during the program but at the end, they celebrated a goodwill success and that is the dream of the CEO of AYV to make sure that young people are giving the platform to showcase their talents. “At first it was not easy for some of us but we have to force the situation so that we can adjust, thank you, sir, you did well for us,” said Almon Sall, one of the housemates to Daniel Moore, a staff of Africa Young Voices (AYV), and the director of logistics and a disciplinary leader. 

Mr. Joe Abass Bangura is the Africell Chief Cooperate Affairs Officer. According to him, he said Juliana D. Conteh alias Julie Tombo’s true life story could be an inspiring story for young people who feel marginalized or cheated on in life due to some obstacles that befall them. “Imagine Julie Tombo a mother of six children with unsuccessful love relationships yet dares to come to the Housemates Salone season 3 which I believe is inspiring. She did not join most of her fellow young people to do things that do not resemble her but kept on fighting and today she has emerged as the winner of Housemates Salone, season 3. Therefore, I plea to all those who have felt that they are behind to take opportunity available to turn their failures or circumstances into a success,” he said. He ended up his speech by thanking the organisers, the former housemates, and the press for their commitment and steadfastness in the promotion of the entertainment industry and for being reliable media in Sierra Leone. 

A check of two hundred and fifty thousand (New leones) was awarded to Juliana D Conteh alias Julie Tombo as a winning prize, she and Almon Sall were made Brand Ambassadors for AFRICELL and MiFi loaded with unlimited data were also given to them including some former housemates who did well during their stay in the house, a month trip to Dubai was granted Julie Tombo. 

Juliana D Conteh, alias Julie Tombo was the winner of the housemates Salone season 3, according to her, she is a mother of six children but that did not stop her from pursuing her dream. “Today I’m proud of my children, family, well-wishers, Africell & AYV media empire especially the Chief Executive Officers of the two different institutions for creating such a beautiful platform for young people like me and others to showcase our talents and on behalf of my former housemates we shall work together to ensure that other young people be given a similar opportunity,” she said.

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