On the 16th of August 2022, Easy Solar which is one of the fastest growing energy companies in Africa had a partnership dialogue and launch with Afrimoney at the Afrimoney boardroom at Wilberforce village. 

Abdul Aziz Kamara and Theresa J. Bright who are both staff of Afrimoney appreciated members of the fourth estate & the Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer Mrs Nthabiseng Mosia for her great move on joining her business with Afrimoney. 

Madam Nthabiseng Mosia is an entrepreneur and a business-minded woman in Sierra Leone and the African continent as a whole;talking to this medium during her keynote address, she said that Easy Solar was established in 2016 and since then they have 800,000 users across the country and they are not only targeting cities but even smallest communities in the country could be reached and served with their products at affordable prices; that majority of the Hotels in Freetown and the interiors are using their services. 

Horatio Dave-Pratt who is the head of sales-sty Easy Solar also lamented what his boss Nthabiseng Mosia said earlier whichaccording to him (Pratt), Easy Solar is affordable; has high quality and could be used anywhere in the country without further disturbance. He assured the Afrimoney team of their partnership & agreements which he said they will work hand and gloves with Afrimoney which is their partner and the people of Sierra Leone and their services rendered are assured. He told this medium that the good news is that Easy Solar has been established in all the sixteen districts in the country, ” we also have 32 shops, 400 agents and this is a win-win situation for Afrimoney as our partners and us, we have also introduced paid roll deduction service for civil servants as we loan some of them, they pay during the end of the month”, he said. “We also have a target for establishing 32 shops by the end of this year,” he added. 

Mr.Joe Abass Bangura, the Chief commercial officer at Afrimoney Sierra Leone lamented the importance of partnership and acknowledged the Chief commercial officer of easy solar and the team for their brave move in partnering with them. He also thanked Easy Solar and praised the fourth estate for their resilience to help send the message out to the wider public. Bangura made reference to America on the use of digital money and further said that the world runs on credit and it is only in Africa that we are still carrying cash in our wallets and purse. He went on to assure customers that if they pay their easy solar bill through Afrimoney there will be a 10% given to the payees. He affirmed that Afrimoney has been a trustworthy partner to several institutions and government agencies as they are also trying to work on a good networking system with all banks in the country so that people can make payments and even withdraw from their bank accounts through Afrimoney. “Few colleges, universities and schools have partnered with us for payment of bills and tuition fees for their tertiary students and pupils in schools,” he said. 

However, digital money is safe, easy and fast. Noting that some advanced countries are trying to wipe out cash and live on digital money. He spoke on strengthening their network with institutions and government agencies in Sierra Leone and adding more agents boots in the country for easy accessibility of money (cash in or cash out) by their customers. Meanwhile, both teams of Easy Solar and Afrimoney encouraged the fourth estate to spread the good news to the people of Sierra Leone to use Easy Solar and make their payments through Afrimoney as it’s a trustworthy digital system in the country.

Bangura said they have the biggest number of customers in the country and he ended up thanking Easy Solar and assuring them of a successful partnership.

By Moses Kay Fembeh

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