The Perma BLOCKS ENTERPRISE, Better Building Blocks for Better Homes is hereby inviting all business loving Sierra Leoneans that are planning to do construction or are on construction to do business with Perma BLOCKS Construction as our blocks are almost natural, accurate and solid, and gives service satisfaction and delivers on time. 

Our services are as follows: 

1. We do block construction;

2. We supply to wherever you want and on time;

3. Rest assured that our blocks are solid and durable;

4. Light in weight with high strength;

5. Heat, water and fire resistant;

6. Available in all sizes (4, 5, 6& 8 inches);

7. Hallow blocks are also available.

Come! Come!! Come!!! To 26 High Broad Street, Murray Town, Freetown. 

For enquiries, call us on +23280777888. Don’t forget to grab your own supply now!

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