Kissy Industry Company Imports 5000 Metric Tonnes of Rice

By Kissy Industry PR Department

As a way of complementing the good work of the government, Kissy Industry and Trading Company Ltd, over the past weeks brought into the country well over 5000 Metric Tonnes of rice.

The brand of the rice is Leo Indian parboiled rice 5% Sortexed in 50kg.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company, Jamal Shallop, they are always there to look at the needs of the people in the country, adding that rice is a major staple food in the country. 

“We want to complement the work of the government because they cannot do it alone”, says Mr. Shallop.

He continues: “As a company, we are into the diversification of the country’s economy. Sierra Leoneans should expect more products from the company very soon”. 

He furthered that the Leo Indian Parboiled rice has less or no starch which is good for everyone’s consumption and cannot add to their weights. 

CEO Shallop thanked the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Edward Hinga Sandy for his technical support, commending President Bio and his wife for their continued support to the company. 

The Leo Indian parboiled rice is in all the leading stores in the country.

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