Author Rahima

Too many rules for a rebel soul.
A delinquent since conception.
Even abortion cannot faze me.
Erred contraceptions of the heart.
No matter how dark and narrow the path is, nothing will hold in capture my free spirit.
I am not a slave to unforgiveness a burden I laid down forgotten, too absent-minded to carry.

Yes! I shift my consciousness and awaken every web of bondage. For a
kindred spirits not familiar to endure.
Open wings stretched to it limits.
Flapping inside out as I take flight to explore taboos, higher and beyond.
My only hope is to fly like an eagle.
Swimming perfectly in shallow mists
I dare the devil for his truth. Never got it but will keep searching for the holy grail.

My speech can never be bolted nor locked
Neither can my actions in orange overall like a jailbird.
I break prison through tunnels like Pablo, see I break my phobia for clusters.
I keep searching for a beautiful ending to mark a new beginning.
My fears can never hold me hostage.
I cannot be outside my head and rule my mind inwardly.
My thoughts raced as my worries chased. The truth they say will set me free, but they wilfully omit the part that it will crush my spirit.

I won the race, independence is here.
Throwing the keys of these lockdowns and bringing light to the right a power I desire.
I can never be caged again, liberty is emphasized in my psyche.
The openness of my heart for tomorrow brightens my face.
Desired handshakes and hugs, alterations of civilizations.
If feels good to be under the sun again, slowly life is creeping back on me.
Today, I will barely take a gulp from the cup of my forebearers; bloody, bitter, sweet, their fights echoe in victory.

Today, I will just take a sip with no mask on, no need to isolate my impressions.
Cheers🥂 to those before us who were in the frontlines. Selfless in their service, the oath they kept, and for their sacrifice
We are finally free from freedom.

Copyright © by Rahima Vandy Kargbo otherwise known as dasalone_titi Rahima

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