British National Found Dead at Barmoi Hotel

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On Sunday 24th July, 2022 at about 10am, a British national by the name of Alexander Wing, 42, was found dead in his room No. 1 at the Barmoi Hotel in Freetown.

Extension and electric cable were found beside the deceasedwith his face covered in a pool of blood. Photos show that he might have been punched on his right face and his right hand might be faulty too. His wrist watch was still fixed to his hand with his short trousers covered in blood. 

Mr. Sheku Tejan Kamara, alias Ku-ku is the Managing Director of Barmoi Hotel in Aberdeen Freetown. He said the matter is under investigation at the Criminal Investigations Unit (CID) in Freetown.  

Ibrahim Ali, not his real name, said Wing’s colleagues testified that the deceased was unwell and they even showed him the remaining drugs of the deceased which this medium was not able to lay hands on. 

According to anonymous person, on Sunday they did not bother their customers; they allow them to rest. 

“Even though it was a weekend, I was concerned and I had to knock at his room door but to no avail. So I had to immediately inform his colleagues from their own rooms. Several attempts were made by them; calling his phone and even the land phone but without success. So someone had to use the back to get through the window and he was found lying on the floor dead”,said the anonymous person.

Alexander Wing worked for ALATAS UK Service Department in Sierra Leone. According to a staff at Barmoi Hotel, Wing came to their Hotel on 20th June, 2022 and met his unfortunate death four days later. 

The matter was firstly investigated by the Aberdeen Police Division.

The Hotel staff were arrested and are helping the police with the investigations.

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