56 Children Admitted for Suspected Food Poisoning

Thursday’s situation report from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) states that 56 children are admitted at the Kenema District Hospital for suspected food poisoning.

It was reported on Wednesday that the victims (patients) attended a graduation ceremony party later on Tuesday where it was alleged that some ate cake, others ginger beer, and some just water. They started experiencing weakness few minutes later.

The SITREP from MOHS adds that 25 adults (male 4, female 21) are also admitted.

Most common presentations on admission: generalized weakness, unconsciousness, and convulsion. 

One reported death case from the community – Female, age 1 year 2 months. 22% of the cases are now fully conscious. 80 % of admitted cases have recovered from presenting conditions. 

Action taken and response 

• Activation of the RRT at district level

• Establishment of Treatment centre in the Government Hospital 

• Investigated reported cases and ongoing surveillance system to identify contact, identifying of more cases 

• Food samples collected from the community in party house 

• Blood and urine samples collected from the admitted patients and prepared to be transported to the reference laboratory in Freetown 

• Debriefing of Pillar and Press conference with DCMO Clinical and Hon. Deputy Minister of Health by 5 pm 27/07/2022 

• Further meeting with health partners to galvanize more support at district level 

• Radio program with media at 8 PM(Nyapui Radio with simulcast to Starline Radio Kamboi Radio and Radio Islam) Deputy Minister MOHS, DCMO Clinical, DMO, MS Kenema 

Future plan 

• Continuous investigation

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