Afrimoney Launches Payment Fees to Liccsal Students.

By Moses Kay Fembeh

Staff of Afrimoney on Wednesday 6th July, 2022 launched their second payment of tuition fees to students of LiccsalBusiness College at Wilberforce village, Freetown.

It could be recalled that the first payment of tuition fees waslaunched at Canadian college, Mile 91 in June this year. 

Registrar of the college, Rev. Philips S. Godwin expressed his profound thanks and appreciation to staff of Afrimoney, pointing out the difficulties students sometimes face in accessing payment system at the banks and the economic situation in the country which is not motivating. 

“This is the best idea so far. It will surely help our students toavoid the stressful situation at the bank. Therefore, I’m encouraging parents and sponsors to grab this great opportunity by making their students’ tuition payment throughAfrimoney”, Rev. Godwin said. 

Board chairman of Liccsal Business College, Mr Mackay threw light on the importance of digitalisation and globalisation, in the sense that the digital is fastly taking over the world. He admonished students and those gathered at the launch of the digital money that everyone should accept.

Martinson Obeng-Akuei is the Director of Afrimoney in Sierra Leone. He spoke on the importance of digital money by encouraging students to involve in digital marketing through their computers after the completion of their studies. 

“Our Afrimoney initiative will help you as a student to save time and money. Imagine your college bank is all the way East End, and you have the tuition fee with you on the day of exams and you are told to pay before taking your examination. Do you want to tell me that it would be possible to pay on that same day and be able to write your examination? No! So to avoid all of those things that is why we have come up with this initiative to your doorstep so that we all could benefit as good neighbours and countrymen”

“This will also help the government to avoid lots of expenses on printing money and you, yourself would not move around with physical money. I can also assure you that we have over 600,000 agents nationwide and that means we have assigned 600,000 agents to you”, he noted.

Principal of Liccsal Business College, Mrs. Cecilia Bangura applauded the director and staff of Liccsal Business College, expressing profound thanks for making it a reality. According to her, when Sheikh Omaru Jalloh, Head of Sales and Marketing met her to discuss the Afrimoney proposal, she was afraid, probably thinking that their college account might be frauded but Mr. Jalloh and team persuaded her that, that would not happen. So she accepted the idea. 

“Today on behalf of the board, students’ body, staff and management of Liccsal Business College, I hereby formally launch Afrimoney at our college”, she proudly announced. 

Afrimoney staff, James Tommy introduced the use of the code *161#. “When you dial that number, the person should select 2 and after selection he/she will see other options and select 11 which is “next” and the student (s) will see 1 and 2 as options and 1 is school and 2 is tertiary and the student must select 2 and continue with the process his/ID number will be needed and confirmation pin or password of the student”, he explained.

Tommy promised to forward the video clip to all the 110 students that were at the event.

Abu Vandi who is a student of Liccsal Business College commended the director and team of Afrimoney for thinking about them, noting the huge opportunity it’d give them as students.

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