55-year-old man in custody for penetrating two kids

By Pastor Mohamed Sesay

55 years old Abu Koroma, a security guard at Medicines San Frontier, is currently detained at CID HQ, Pademba Road, Freetown, after he was captured when he was on the verge of escaping from his Waterloo residence after he was suspected of having sexually penetrated two kids aged 9 and 11.

The suspected pervert who is a relative of his victims, is said to have lured the kids from their town of Warridala in the Biriwa Chiefdom northern Sierra Leone on the pretext that he was taking them to the city to educate them.

The unsuspecting parents of the kids agreed not knowing that Abu Koroma is a paedophile who had in the past exhibited his sexual appetite for kids.

The suspected beast was to later turn the kids into his sex slaves taking turns on them at his evil will.

The children were suffering but they couldn’t explain to anybody for fear that Koroma will kill them through juju.

It was only an observant teacher at the school where the two kids were attending, that noticed the kids’ behavior to be abnormal.

The kids were to later confide in the teacher about what Koromathe monster was doing to them.

It was authorities at the school who alerted the police and on the nick of time the police pounced and they found the demon, Koroma packing his belongings to escape but he was cornered and arrested.

The suspected child penetrator, thinking that what he did is just a small thing and it is believed that Abu Koroma is trying to compromise the matter at the station.

But the Comment newspaper is watching the every move of the police in the matter and therefore calling on Don Bosco and other child right activists to intervene to ensure justice for the kids.

Investigation continues!!

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