55-year-old man in custody for penetrating two kids

By Pastor Mohamed Sesay

55 years old Abu Koroma, a security guard at Medicines San Frontier, is currently detained at CID HQ, Pademba Road, Freetown, after he was captured when he was on the verge of escaping from his Waterloo residence after he was suspected of having sexually penetrated two kids aged 9 and 11.

The suspected pervert who is a relative of his victims, is said to have lured the kids from their town of Warridala in the Biriwa Chiefdom northern Sierra Leone on the pretext that he was taking them to the city to educate them.

The unsuspecting parents of the kids agreed not knowing that Abu Koroma is a paedophile who had in the past exhibited his sexual appetite for kids.

The suspected beast was to later turn the kids into his sex slaves taking turns on them at his evil will.

The children were suffering but they couldn’t explain to anybody for fear that Koroma will kill them through juju.

It was only an observant teacher at the school where the two kids were attending, that noticed the kids’ behavior to be abnormal.

The kids were to later confide in the teacher about what Koromathe monster was doing to them.

It was authorities at the school who alerted the police and on the nick of time the police pounced and they found the demon, Koroma packing his belongings to escape but he was cornered and arrested.

The suspected child penetrator, thinking that what he did is just a small thing and it is believed that Abu Koroma is trying to compromise the matter at the station.

But the Comment newspaper is watching the every move of the police in the matter and therefore calling on Don Bosco and other child right activists to intervene to ensure justice for the kids.

Investigation continues!!

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“Blacklist Underperforming Contractors’’ -Local Government Minister Orders Local Councils.

By Frederick V Kanneh, Information Officer, MLGRD.

The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Amb. Tamba Lamina has ordered all local Councils to stop giving contracts to contractors that are not worth the salt.

Amb. Tamba Lamina gave this directive while representing the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone on an official handing over ceremony of 22 motor bikes provided by the Road Maintenance Fund Administration (RMFA) to Engineers in the Local Councils for supervision, monitoring and evaluation ofroad maintenance activities in their localities.

“I’m admonishing all Engineers and leadership of the Local Councils to blacklist contractors that do substandard job when contracts are awarded to them. This is because their underperformance is a disappointment to you, the residents of your communities and the Government as a whole,” he ordered in his keynote address while stating that it’s the responsibilities of the Councils and Engineers to make sure that the contractors perform their duties in line with the goal and scope of the contracts, which is why they should not compromise with those categories of contractors.

Minister Lamina further thanked the leadership of RMFA for capacitating the Engineers of the respective Councils with motor bikes which will ease their movement while monitoring road maintenance activities in their communities, adding that as a Minister who is always with the Local Councils, he knows exactly how important the bikes are to the beneficiaries.

He maintained that even though the Government is contending with so many challenges ranging from the effects of  COVID-19 to the repercussions of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine , the Local Councils still keep getting support from the Government and other development partners, citing the “Local Authorities’ Project” that the Famino Municipality in Italy through the European Union had  implemented in five Local Councils and the “10 million Euro EU supported funding projects” in five District Councils, amongst others.

He ended up by appealing to the beneficiaries of the motor bikes to use them for the intended purpose and make sure that they arealways in working order.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of RMFA, Basiru Sannoh, intimated the gathering about the achievements of the RMFA and the reason why they provided the bikes to the Engineers. Statements from different stakeholders also formed part of the handing over ceremony followed by cutting of the ribbons on the bikes by Minister Lamina.

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Education is not a privilege; it is a fundamental human right.

-President Bio tells World Leaders

By Augustine Sankoh, Strategic Communications Analyst, MBSSE

President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Dr. Julius Maada Bio as Co-Chair of the Sustainable Development Goal-4 (SDG4) High-Level Steering Committee during the segment consisting of Ministerial and Stakeholder engagement has emphasized during his opening remark that education is not a privilege, but a fundamental human right.

The Transforming Education Pre‐Summit is organized in Paris on 28‐30 June 2022. A Global Engagement Day on 28 June included technical meetings on Thematic Action Tracks and engagements with key stakeholders and this was Co-Chaired by the Sierra Leone’s Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education Dr. Moinina David Sengeh.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and the current global economic crises have further amplified the severe education funding gap. We must therefore use this Pre-Summit strategically to rally all forces behind the call for inclusive quality education and lifelong learning for all. We do so because education is not a privilege; it is a fundamental human right,” President Bio said.

He calls on all to collectively advocate that education is not a cost but an investment in the sustainable future of their societies, children, and the planet, adding that he cost of inaction is simply not acceptable and they must therefore assume collective responsibility for taking resolute action for education.

“We must stay focused on using the opportunity offered by the Transforming Education Summit to position education at the top of the political agenda of member states. We can do so with concrete commitments supported by strong political will at the highest levels,” he said.

As Co-Chair of the SDG4 High-Level Steering Committee, President Bio assures all that the Steering Committee stands ready to fully support, monitor, and carry forward the impetus created by the Summit.

I thank her for UNESCO’s exemplary leadership and tireless efforts in advancing Sustainable Development Goal-4.  

According to President Bio, the most vulnerable, most marginalized, and most disadvantaged learners count on education stakeholders to deliver on implementing SDG 4 by 2030, so it is their collective responsibility to call for immediate and bold action towards that end.

He said education is a driving force for sustainable development, noting that it is a powerful lever for responding to some of the most pressing challenges faced by humanity including climate change, migration, youth unemployment, healthcare, and peaceful and just societies.

He said it is also a cross-cutting accelerator for the advancement of all the other SDGs, noting that any integrated, holistic, multi-sectoral approach to sustainable development must include education.

“The HLSC’s Urgent Call for Action is a call to Heads of State and Government to invest in and transform education as the clearest pathway to our shared goals of peace, prosperity, sustainability, and building resilience,” he said.

The overall objective of the Pre‐Summit is to harness the evolving discussions on transforming education, elaborate initial content and establish a shared vision and suggested actions for the Summit, and generate greater momentum in the lead up to September.

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We should not play politics with the economy- Hon. Chericoco

Leader of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) in Parliament, Hon. Chernor Maju Ramadan Bah has told colleague MPs ‘not to play politics with the Economy’. 

Wrapping up the debate during the presentation of theSupplementary Government Budget and Statement of Economic and Financial Policies for the Financial Year, 2022 in the Well of Parliament on Friday, Hon. Chericoco, as he’s fondly called, said they know that the economy is challenged and that the Minister was sincere enough to say it.

“What is important is to ensure that the budget works” he stated and went on to ask the Ministry of Finance to continue to engage Parliament on the challenges on time, and not when they have gone beyond control.

Leader of Government Business, Hon. Mathew Sahr Nyuma commended the team from the Ministry of Finance for their foresight to the economy. He spoke about the reasons for the Supplementary Budget and other related challenges on the globe using comparative analysis of inflation, compounded with the Ukraine/Russia war. 

He said it was better for all and sundry to address the problem, supporting the harmonization of the Wage Bill. Hon. Nyuma emphasized economic solving problems and commended the Minister. 

He spoke about the prediction of food shortage and the Government’s subsidies to Agriculture in order to ameliorate food security. He categorically stated that fuel subsidy is not available and went on to speak about mitigation of the projection. He spoke about policy to support farmers in light of food security, and asked all to proffer solutions.

Chairman of the Finance Committee, Hon Francis Amara Kaisamba advised his colleague MPs to confine their debate on Standing Order 69, 3, which he said speaks to the matter before the House. He said they are pretty sure that money would be available to address the imaging issues. According to him, the Minister of Finance had given reasons for the Supplementary Budget and related challenges. He expressed that the Minister stated various institutions that would benefit from the Supplementary Budget and also public debts management, salaries, and wages among others. He also cited development activities.

The Chairman of Agriculture Committee in Parliament, Hon. Salieu Osman Sesay said the economy is in shambles and raised concern that, bringing the Supplementary Budget would cause more inflation.

The MP went on to urge the Minister to explain, if the Supplementary Budget would not increase the food price and affected the cost of living, alarming the cost of fuel. He used the opportunity to ask the Government to subsidize the fuel price for the people and went on to say some MDAs have not benefited from the previous budget that was approved, adding that, the Supplementary Budget is so huge. 

Hon. SOS indicated energy as one MDA that is receiving a Supplementary Budget more than its previous budget. He decried Road Maintenance Fund for not implementing projects properly as contractors are not doing well recalling instances. He asked for an effective monitoring process on projects implemented.

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