Former Housemate Ina Cole Aims Big

Former Housemate Ina Cole Aims Big

By Ishmail Saidu Kanu

Former Housemate and CEO of Luxury Beauty Queen, Ina Elizabeth Cole, is aiming at setting up a hair beauty company in Sierra Leone.

This is part of her plan after her exit from the 2022 Housemate Salone Reality TV Show on AYV where she spent two productive weeks.

Ina, raised by a single parent at Goderich, shared her experience with Tribune Times during her time in the House where she interacted with old friends and made new ones. She described her two-week stay in the House as a ‘good journey’.

“I feel excited when I was told I had qualified to enter the house. I was so so happy because I had got the feeling that they would not shortlist me. A lot of people made several attempts to go into the house but they could not succeed. I was actually surprised,” she says.

The 27-year-old hair vendor added: “When I entered the house, I showcased hair products. I was also helping in doing some domestic work.

“The experience in the house was awesome. I met people from different backgrounds, interacted with them and gained knowledge from them. My best friend in the House was Yeani. She was really friendly.

“My expectation was to stay much longer in the House. It was like a shock to me when my name was announced as one of the evictees, but I honestly learnt a lot in the House including how to be self-minded.”

Ina is planning to get a very big platform on the social media. “One of my platforms is the Luxury Beauty Queen. We aim to turn this into a manufacturing company in the near future,” she adds. 

Speaking on women’s empowerment, the former Houseman says she aims to upgrade women from doing hair sales, hair maintenance and hair plaiting to luxury design in the near future. “This would help keep women to remain engaged and prevent them from being bullied by men,” she remarks.

She surmises by thanking her fans, especially those who voted for her, her family and manager, Dalton Shyllon. 

According to Manager Shyllon, they want to make the Luxury Beauty Queen the ‘most wanted’ and talked about brand in the beauty industry. 

“The various platforms of Ina Elizabeth Cole will help bring children closer to her because of her soft spot for children, especially those under-privileged children.”

“Ina understands the plight those children are facing, so she knows what to do when it comes to their welfare. Some children in this Goderich community do not have parents. Some struggle for food on a daily basis,” Manager Dalton reveals.

He continues: “So this is the platform we are trying to build. We are also trying to have a Public Relations firm where Ina would be a Brand Ambassador to advocate for less-privilege children as well as promoting her luxury business.” 

“We have good hair products, and we are aiming for the biggest hair salon in Sierra Leone where we could have various factories and malls for air maintenance and other hair businesses,” he explains.

On Ina, Manager Shyllon says Ina did not only go into the Housemate Salone programme for the sake of it but to create a platform for a bigger project. “That’s what we are aiming at achieving. We know it’s going to be challenging, but we know with the help of the media, we will pull it through.”

He states that Ina Elizabeth Cole is also qualified to work as PR Consultant and Brand Ambassador. 

Meanwhile, Ina attended St. Joseph’s Secondary School and later went to Ghana where she studied Database Technology at IPMC in Accra.

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