Evolution Fitness with Razia Sultan Kamara

“Your health is an Investment, not an expense” -unknown

Ms Razia Sultan Kamara
Coach Razia before her weight loss journey
Aka Coach pepper (peppeh)

Are you in Freetown and thinking of a lifestyle change? Don’t let those aspirations of a healthier and better you be a never achieved resolution. Get up, motivate yourself and get started. Encouraging other women to lead a healthy and vigorous lifestyle can be a daunting task for many, but not for our featured entrepreneur this week.

Success stories

Today’s entrepreneur is a fitness enthusiast who has not only achieved incredible results for herself but has turned her newfound passion into a business through which she is helping and empowering other women to lose weight and gain their long lost confidence. She is the beautiful, strong, selfless, sassy, hardworking, and assertive Ms Razia Sultan Kamara, popularly known as Coach Peppeh (pepper).

Coach pepper did that

Losing half of her body weight through diet and exercising two years ago has led her to rediscover herself and her purpose. She has become an expert through experience and research. She has managed to sculpt her body with toning exercises. For someone who lost half of her body weight, you cannot find one saggy spot on her body. Her goal now is to maintain the weight of her choice as she continues to sculpt and tone up. Her success has come with determination, consistency, and perseverance. She could have decided to keep her journey and experiences to herself but not Razia.

The transformation guys

She thought it fit to share herself with others and help them become a better version of themselves. She saw other women struggling to lose weight, and she decided to bring them together. What started as a way to help just a few women she knows has blown into a total gym, known as Evolution Fitness. It runs in two-shift with over fifty women. The fear of being judged or body-shamed has stopped many people from taking part in the public exercise. Razia is one of the few who have stood up to change the narrative and has proven these stereotypes wrong.

Be motivated and enjoy the results

At Evolution Fitness, women from different backgrounds and social footings are united under a single umbrella to lose weight. It has been a solution or result centre for many, where people who are tired of moving from one gym to the next without a solution find solace.

Some of her strategies are to not only work on the outer body, but she starts with the minds of her clients. She helps them with a meal plan as well. This has worked well for most of them as food plans are given according to body shape and type. Razia tries to build honesty and trust among the women. To stick with the program and food plan is very difficult, as she has only but a few hours with them in a day; getting them to be truthful to themselves is a must if they are to achieve the desired results. To lose weight, one has to develop the mindset, make a conscious decision, and be committed to it. We all know losing weight starts with the right attitude, as she’ll usually put it, “one should always connect their mind with their muscles”.

Consistency is the key

She has flexible workout plans that she frequently changes so that her client’s bodies will not get adapt to a specific workout. Her other edge is that at Evolution Fitness, you don’t get a flabby or saggy body when you are losing excess weight. You lose the fat, tone up, naturally, evolve, and become a fitter version of yourself. She deals with these things thoroughly, thereby making women feel more encouraged to get out and get fit.

She lets her clients know they compete with the scale and not the next person, as body type and metabolism make people lose weight in different places, pace, and rate. With Evolution Fitness, you get to experience that personal touch that is lacking in most gyms. You cannot help but feel important and worthy even among the crowd, and you can’t get that anywhere.

This could be you, only if you believe in the process.

The phrase, staying motivated is easier with the right coach is the gospel at Evolution Fitness. It is no wonder women of all capacities, ages, and statuses come together to work out and are loving it. Razia makes other women feel relax in their imperfections. She has been helping women for almost a year, and you will be amazed at her accomplishments and results.

Coach Razia with housemate 2020

Razia’s humility and hard work have not gone unnoticed. She has gotten a lot of recognition from the movers and shakers in the industry. She has been on the Ellen Kiester show to tell her story, dreams, and aspirations to the rest of the world. During the housemate’s Sierra Leone season 2 show, she was the coach on duty; she goes into the house in the morning and helps the housemates get in shape with their morning workout. Razia collaborates with other women like Cherry Marshall, owner of Donerry Elegance, who sponsors her Saturday training with water and other goodies.

In all this, one thing we should know is that there is no magic in losing weight. It is a process, and it starts from within. It is a choice. As we try to change our lifestyles, let’s be reminded that we are what we eat, and what we eat is much more important than exercising. Let’s pay attention to what we eat, portions, how we eat, and finally, when we eat.

Are you tired of doing all sorts of yo-yo diet? Are you tired of how your tummy looks in those beautiful body con dresses? Are you tired of gaining weight? Do you want to lose weight permanently? Then evolution fitness is the right place to be. Currently, you can find evolution fitness at the tennis court, Hill Station, Freetown or you can reach Razia on this number +23276137944

Cross members of the Evolution Fitness Gym

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