Big Sister Sierra Leone Season 2 Finale

The big sister show is Sierra Leone’s first-ever reality TV show. BSSL is created and owned by our very own entertainment guru Zainab Sheriff. The show was piloted last year and it became a huge success. According to her, this platform was developed primarily to nurture and empower young women in Sierra Leone.

This season, we saw a lot of disparity from last year’s; in terms of the venue as a whole village was created just for the show. The involvement of other nationals from West Africa and Asia, and of course the grand prize which was a whopping Le 500,000,000 or $ 50,000.

The show is still very young and has its challenges. One thing that we cannot deny is it potential to grow and go beyond our borders. Yes, there were hiccups here and there during this season just like the last, but overall it was entertaining. Which is one of the fundamental reasons why the show was created in the first place.

Out of the thirty-two girls that entered the competition. Majo Bona, a professional dancer residing in the United States, emerged as the winner as she clinched 50% of the total votes. Fans of Majo Bona called themselves cocolians and they showed their voting prowess very early on the show. We wish Majo all the best in future endeavours. As we have been hearing from her fans, that she wants to use her winnings, and platform to help other young Sierra Leoneans with talents. We hope she achieves this and creates the space for others to nurture and grow.

Finally, as BSSL season 2 is over we know Zainab Sheriff has all it takes to address some of the concerns raised by viewers during this season.

© Rahima Vandy Kargbo otherwise known as Dasalonetiti

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