Grafton’s Hills and Waterfall

Sierra Leone is as blessed as they come. Check out this beautiful waterfall at Grafton. My country people, nature is fair and has shared this between the East and the West part of Freetown. I hope everyone can now enjoy theirs in peace (pun intended).

PC Sal Black

According to Alpha Mansaray, a young resident of Grafton around the Zion area, the falls had always been there. He had childhood memories of going up there with his friends in search of Apple and other fruits. As children, then, they knew neither the value nor the beauty of the fall and the view up there was much more different from what it is now.

PC Sal Black

Presently, due to human interference and development, a lot of new infrastructures are springing along the stream where the fall is located. This has affected the force and speed of the fall, and this is especially so during the dry season. He advised that the best time to enjoy the view of the falls is during the rains. As it is only then one can enjoy the magical and enchanting glory of the fall.

PC Sal Black

Amidst all this, there are still opportunities for Sierra Leoneans to explore and discover our beloved country Sierra Leone. Grafton and then environs around the fall still have large palm fruits, cashew, and other fruit farms along the way to the fall, a beautiful place to enjoy sunrise and sunset, Alpha explained.

PC Sal Black
PC Sal Black

The road network along that area is deplorable as most of the hilly roads in this country. It is motorable only to a certain point, where cars can Park and the rest of the journey would be on foot.

Sal Black

©By Rahima Vandy Kargbo otherwise known as dasalonetiti Rahima.

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