Life’s too cruel to live, yet we refuse to die.
Lips too saddened to curve up in a smile, yet we laugh.
Heart shattered into pieces, no way it can’t be fixed.
We can only hope, as humans there is only one way home.

The turmoil of the mind
Where is it coming from?

The universe aligns and breathes down judgement.
A connection between light and gloom I am always in the middle.
The courtroom is where frenemies abode with a heart as black as their frock.
Life can be either black or white, no time for grey except for the wigs
Evidence in my memory, not document by my defence.
My life is proof, yet they did erase it like writings on a chalkboard
Karma is on a journey that has made me the destination.
On my hands are not blood but the weight of my fingers. I am not guilty is on a replay musical note to the mind.

“I put it to you” an angered voice screamed in my head.
My thoughts aimlessly on handcuffed
Muffled tone from my doppelganger
The scorned voice shouts “you deserve it bitch”
Against my spirit, the gavel lands with screams that jolted my realities.
When the accused becomes the accuser, I am who I am not built for the orange suit.
Prosecutors build their belief on my doubt but I swear to say the truth and nothing but the truth.
My mind drifts to dark thoughts that need cleansing with my acidic tears.
Where are the lords when I am being condemned?
Are they not supposed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt?
But the gavel came down again this time too loud for me to listen.
GUILTY!! the Judge says I am
You are not INNOCENT either my mind said
My head cries out you have been FRAMED

©Peom by Rahima Vandy Kargbo known as Dasalonetiti Rahima

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