Sweet Potato, Fish and Cabbage Cutlet- Salone Snack

Are you thinking of switching or spicing up your evening snack? Are you tired of eating rice three times a day? Let me introduce you to something I bumped into earlier today for a snack. You can actually use any of our staples in Sierra Leone such as cassava, sweet potato, yam and plantain as a base. By the way, I am neither a chef nor a cook. I just love trying things out when I have time😊.

Crispy Cutlet
Dinner is served. Enjoy! I don’t know what the leaf is doing on top but I will eat the cutlet and leave the leaf on the plate😂

Boneless fish or chicken


Few sweet potatoes

Four eggs

One cabbage

Two Onions

One tablespoon of Cayenne pepper

Or any other vegetable pepper

One tablespoon of knor season

A teaspoon of black pepper

A teaspoon of thyme

A cube of Onga Maggie

Three garlic cloves

Spring onions

A sprinkle of salt

Breadcrumbs of your choice

First, you season your fish or chicken and steam over low heat. Allow it to cool and mashed after.

Mashed Fish

Next, boil your sweet potato and leave it to cool off. After cooling you can blend, pound or grate, whatever you prefer to get it to a mashed state.

Mash sweet potato

Then, you pour a few drops of olive oil or whatever vegetable oil you have in your kitchen into a frying pan. Set your frying pan or pot over low heat. Pour the cabbage and onion into the heated oil and stir add garlic and the rest of the seasons and keep stirring. You don’t need to use my exact seasons, you can use any seasons of your choice. Leave to simmer for five minutes and add your mashed fish or chicken and your potato, stir until completely blended. Remove from the fire and dish in a bowl. Set it aside as it cools down.

Whisk your egg and pour your crumbs in an open bowl. Use your clean hands to flatten or ball your potato fish cabbage into your desire size. Dip into the whisked egg and finally into your crumbs and fry as desire.

Whisked eggs
Mashed cabbage, fish and potato

This episode is dedicated to Mariama Bassama my muse when it comes to food. Hope this will motivate you to write your first food blog post. I know you can do it and I am proud of you.😊

Golden brown

If you did try this at home, kindly tag me on any of my social media platforms on Twitter @dasalonetiti232, Facebook @dasalone-titi, Instagram @dasalone-titi

©By Rahima Vandy Kargbo known as dasalone titi Rahima


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