The Red Flags

Called out
Must you always blunder?
Talked down upon
Oh, You are so dumb
Shouted at
Echoes but little never excite him
High pitched tone
Your voice lost over the waves
Drown in his ugliness leave your delicate words unspoken
Judged of
Nothing good will bear fruits from you
Daily occurrence the hitting escalate
Scrutiny of friends your family’s next
Stalking, the shadow lurking in the dark
Never good enough a feeling
The smile becomes an indulgence
She can afford no longer
A bad girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter
The trigger an enabler
His words are razor-sharp cut through the flesh like a laser beam
Jealousy a monster he nurtured
His insecurities your burden to endure
Throbbing nuclear explosion
Influence a total assertion
Eyes on your every action
Dignity bear minimum
Been pushed into a rigid nook
Remember oh daughter of Zion
You are scarred but never damaged
Ignore the sword and near metals
Hold the balance scale in the lady justice statue
You are always the problem
You are always the reason
All is bad that ends badly

Get out
Run now
Never look back

If you are suffering silently from any form of SGBV, please speak up. You are not alone, seek help or make a report by dialling 116 on all networks in Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 .

©By Rahima Vandy Kargbo known as dasalonetiti Rahima