Sunflower Town- children stories- For Sierra Leone by Sierra Leoneans.

Once upon a time in a small town called Sunflower. A young girl lives with her mother. The village was so beautiful; with hills and valleys covered in trees and colourful flowers, but mostly the yellow sunflowers and that’s how it got the name. The town has only one main street that cut across it and divides it into two. The houses stand opposite each other, painted with colours as bright as the butterflies.

Every day in the evening, the mother and daughter duo will walk down the lane with their dog holding hands, as they explore the world around them. They would go around the small town visiting all the beautiful places and they will end at the town’s park.
This small town attracts a lot of different species of birds and butterflies because of the flowers. The little girl likes chasing butterflies down the street as they go, most times she and her dog will chase these colourful butterflies together. She sometimes asks her mother for the names of the birds they encounter on their trips, which her mother will gladly teach her, she never forgets their names afterwards.

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One faithful day as they were walking. The little girl asks her mother. Why can’t we fly, mama? And her mother replied because we don’t have wings like birds. The wings are features that let these birds propel and glide forward as they move in the sky. Can we grow wings, mama? The little girl asks again. No! her mother answered back. But I want wings mama, I wish I can fly, the little girl lamented. The mother saw the disappointment on her daughter’s face and that broke her heart.

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She stops, grabs her face with both hands and slightly lifts it upwards as they lock gaze she said, my daughter, you are my sunflower; you are brilliant, warm, smart and with that beautiful smile of yours, you can do anything you want in this life. You can fly if you want too, just that as human we fly differently. You will keep flying as you grow, all you need my daughter are determination, perseverance, love and a heart. These are what will propel you towards your goals in life. As you grow;
never forget mama’s word of wisdom, never forget your wings are in your heart. Whenever you feel down and low as life is a roller coaster of these things. Think of this moment, think of these words and take flight. Don’t let anything stop you. Determination, perseverance, love and above all your heart, these are your wings, my child.


©By Rahima Vandy Kargbo known as Dasalonetiti Rahima

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