Freetown Business School – Leading & Managing Through the COVID-19 crisis –

A Conversation with Key Private and Public Sector Leaders

As we continue to move through a period of great uncertainty, the impact of COVID-19 on lives, livelihoods, and economies around the world continues.
Our Government, industries, along with our development partners are working together to understand and address the numerous challenges. Business Leaders are having to act promptly on how to protect their employees, customers, supply chains and finances.

To support Businesses during this time, we at Freetown Business School hosted a _Conversation with 30 Key Leaders_ from across the private and public sector on *Leading and Managing through a Crisis* on 26th March. The objective of the event was to discuss and find solutions for businesses in Sierra Leone. A survey was also administered. The recommended solutions from the event and the survey are shared in our paper which we hope businesses will be able to use as a guide to tackle the pressing issues that the pandemic poses. Click here to read the full preparedness response plan for businesses.