The Sonnet of Heels👠

Comes in different heights, but never out of style.
Sexy to the feet, power to the sole.
Click-clack, click-clack, click-clack.
The confident woman with poise, hips swaying.
Chin-up and eyes straight ahead, she takes every step with precision.
Every head her direction turned, the aura of the 21st-century woman.
click clack, click clack, click- clack
Elongated strides, with a gait like a cat. She got nerves, how can she be this bold? Not afraid to rudely interrupt.
An armour that can be used as a weapon, but she feels taller.
Pained ankle, lumbar and spine-flattening, couldn’t stop this.
Click-clack, click-clack, click-clack

Boss pose with a tailored suit, clutch hanging from her elbow.
As she flips her hair, and there she goes again with her click-clack.


©Poem By Rahima Vandy Kargbo known as dasalonetiti-Rahima

As Old As Fifty Nine


O’er the green Mountain sits a lion watching over tableland and creeks. Set dew on peaks like Bintumani and Loma so unclear it cubs can not tell the difference between myth and verity. The realm of the free almost an island of rocky hills, and deepwater harbour, with green vegetation she beats her chest about in glory.

Dishonour and shame they sometimes bring, like teens desperate for their parent’s attention. Freetown is as tight now like it was never meant to be. Harsh hills and cliff are silent over their abuse, as they continue to strip them naked for their pastime. The mud and rain in their confusion cannot work together, they slide into the inhabitants. White sand peninsula beaches reshape by sand mining, they lose their accentuate curves. A cotton tree in the middle that bears witness to history, a lesson as old as itself but cannot teach, as we gather as usual at King Jimmy Market. Sanctuary bearing memories of Bruno and its kind. Estuaries holding firm on to mangroves morasses. She looks lustily over the vast blue ocean, seducing all those who are caught in her gaze. But the sarcasm of freedom is lost on its people.

The land is known for its generosity and hospitality. Sweet Bo a place that processes garri that surges like the sun in the morning. Training the sons of elites, raising intellectual, and a hallmark of academia till this day.

The rivers of Bonthe firmly united ever they flow, with ease stronger than the clasped of their past, yet they are not captives to the future. The land is known to produce tubers of cassava as big as their heart. The fresh scent of coconut oil filled the air, Seafood like oysters held onto the mangroves growing along the rivers that caress its terrain.

The bravery that seeped from the milk of mother Ella Koblo Gulama that flows through their linage. Planters working hard to produce enough to send their girls to Harford School in Moyamba. The land of noble and strong women, the land of the first. The land of equals, where women lead with their heart and not the spear. Nations they led became mightier.

As they match like soldiers into the land of pepper, a resting place; Pujehun is known for palm nut fruits redder than their heritage, richer than the strength that drives them to thrive like the wanjama river, feeding eras yet to come.
Enough to know their past is history but the future of the south looks bright.

From blood diamonds to peace diamonds, this land had left the world in awe. Trench everywhere holding stories of child soldiers. The shining stones of Kono stored the blasting outcry from the Kimberlite, a magnet that draws even the ghost of our present.

Kenema, like its forest reserve for all its splendour and misery. The chirping of the birds reminding us of the Eden Gola forest is, with coffee and cocoa reserve for the next generation. A melting pot of species unique to only their line. Endangered mammals are the fantasies born of nightmares. easy to showcase its ego and chivalry.

Black beans melanated from a fruitful land that bestows life to anything buried in Kailahun soil. Cocoa peels reflect on their skin, as clear and soft as the butter of shea. Chocolate flavours of life are mislaid on the children of Kailondo. They crave and stretches their hands but could not touch.
Undiscovered beauty, a reality lost on the wise people from the east.

Hope is the only colour as brilliant as their gara tie-dye as usual. landscape like boli which hold water when it rains; that makes the sweet in potato, but too much of it in the Bombali cassava it could hardly boil.

The aroma of pepper spices fresh and scented like the Neneh Koroh yet burns the eye. Cow breast in the hands of their mothers as they squeeze for more milk and butter. The wara wara mountain with cold heat that sends fog all year round in Koinadugu.

The warrior spirit of Bai Bureh is still seen today in the nuclear bulbs of tiny mighty onions of the Port of Loko, the ore is as shiny and black like their gum in abundant that keep their smiles from never fading.

As the tonkolili streams drain into the valley of Kangari, which create an illusion that Makali and Baomahun are siblings. A land of gold, and Bunbuna waterfalls that stores energy that could light up our world.

Kambia carries the burden of providing the staple for its children. Life’s trouble and abuse very obvious on her body, turmoils have altered her shape, but she covered her face with dignity and pride as she carries and held all her children with a promise as constant as the northern star.

She is fifty-nine but looks twice her age. Life has dealt with her. She weeps but this time the hills and valleys refuse to re-echo her cries. Her riches plunder in reckless abandonment. She beseeches no harm on her offspring may fall, even when her they cannot feed. Discord of colours had scattered her children upon the face of the earth. Their Pledges of devotion with the speed of a lightening relinquish. Her only strive is for them to remember their way into her warm embrace as she hopelessly lay in wait. She had taught them well, she trained them well, her children are strong and resilient with a Kindred spirit bearing souls of those before them.
She understands, her crypt will not be the only thing that will bring them together again, in the Land that they all love.

Bintumani Mountain

Happy Independence Day Mama Salone🇸🇱

©By Rahima Vandy Kargbo known as Dasalonetiti Rahima

Organic Frozen Chicken

Are you out there looking for local breed organic frozen chicken? Look no further Conira Frozen Chicken is here with the solution you need. You can reach her on the following telephone numbers; +23279689010/ +23233 721333/ +23231 102902 or on her Facebook business page @organic frozen chicken.

Readers meet Ms Conira Siaka of Organic Frozen Chicken. She decided to start her frozen business with local chicken when she found out that most people are getting tired of the imported chicken and some of it associated health issues. So much so, the demand for our local chicken and its meat is on the rise. As most people prefer them to imported chickens because they lack chemicals that are harmful to humans when too much of it is consuming over time.

These chemicals can include but not limited to: those put into the chicken feeds or those injected into them to get them to grow and breed faster to meet the consumption demand, and the preservatives used on the chicken meat after they are slaughtered to increase their shelf life. Some of these chemicals can predispose humans to cancer, hypertension, liver and kidney diseases. They can also result in antibiotic resistance in man. The desire to produce more chicken by some farmers – especially those abroad – within the shortest possible time at a modest cost, is the reason for such indiscriminate practice of injecting antimicrobial drugs in birds, including arsenicals, formalin, antibiotics, and other compounds. Similarly, even though people now prefer local chickens, most of them have neither the time nor the patience to clean and get them ready for use.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Accounting 2019 with no permanent job except for a few contracts, she decided to take matters in her hands and start her own business. After some research, she saw the gap in this particular market and she took the risk of venturing into it so she can help fill the gap by providing organic chicken for people within Freetown and its environs. She has identified a few local breeders and poultry Farmers that she buys these healthy birds from.

She said what set her apart from competitors in the same business is her processing, packaging and flexibility. Since she buys the live birds from local breeders, the processes of killing and cleaning the birds are entirely hers. The fact that she knows the importance of hygiene to her clients, gave birth to her setting some procedure for herself so that her products meet the quality standard of the imported chickens. She smokes them a bit to give them the brownish colour most Sierra Leoneans prefer before she washes, cleans, wraps and refrigerates them. She sometimes receives a special request from her customers such as cutting the chicken meat into pieces as some of them lack the know-how. She makes sure she packages all the parts of the chicken, no matter how tiny that part is. She also offers delivery services to offices and homes for which she charges a small fee.

At this time when the world is fighting a pandemic and most of us are advised to stay home and be safe. Your best bet for the supply of country fowl as commonly called here is Organic frozen chicken. She is practising all the preventive measures in her processes. You don’t need to go to crowdy market just to buy a local chicken. Call her business lines and put in your orders, it will be delivered right in front of your doorstep.

Her advice to young people and to women in particular; is to never be afraid to take a risk or to fail. Failure is part of the learning process. If they fail, they should get up, dust themselves and try again. Using their oversights and experiences as benchmarks, and to avoid those same pitfalls that prompt them in the first place. They should never be ashamed of their hustle, or their humble beginnings and they should always trust the process of time and growth.

©By Rahima Vandy Kargbo known as dasalonetiti Rahima

Blossom’s Convenient Store- Sierra Leone

For all your provisions and other household items, do not hesitate to check their store at 108 Soldier Street Freetown.

As you all are aware, these are not normal times, and that we need to stay home as much as we can to end the spread of COVID19. The best place to guarantee your safety is in your home. Social distancing is still a fantasy in some public places such as market place and shops in town. Your safety and that of your family lies in your hand.

If you need provisions like Sugar, Milk, Rice, Vegetable Oil, Soap, Paste, Cereals, Spaghetti, Ketchup, Sardine, Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise, Luncheon Meat, Noodles, Couscous, Detergent, Biscuits, Kitchen and Toilet Papers, Arrivo Wafers, Drinks, Juices, Caprisun & Kool-Aid for kids, Diet Coke, Garlic Cloves, Onions and other household essentials for affordable prices within Freetown and it environs, dial the following numbers +23279734278 or +23230747808 and get all you want at your doorstep as they offer delivery services.

Remember, shopping made easy with blossom’s convenient store. If you are looking for ease and comfort, convenience and safety, more so during this pandemic then Blossom’s Convenient Store is the right place and they are just a phone call away. Minimum order is a hundred thousand leones (Le 100,000.00) and ten thousand leones (Le 10,000.00) for delivery.


©By Rahima Vandy Kargbo Known as Dasalonetiti Rahima

Freetown Business School – Leading & Managing Through the COVID-19 crisis –

A Conversation with Key Private and Public Sector Leaders

As we continue to move through a period of great uncertainty, the impact of COVID-19 on lives, livelihoods, and economies around the world continues.
Our Government, industries, along with our development partners are working together to understand and address the numerous challenges. Business Leaders are having to act promptly on how to protect their employees, customers, supply chains and finances.

To support Businesses during this time, we at Freetown Business School hosted a _Conversation with 30 Key Leaders_ from across the private and public sector on *Leading and Managing through a Crisis* on 26th March. The objective of the event was to discuss and find solutions for businesses in Sierra Leone. A survey was also administered. The recommended solutions from the event and the survey are shared in our paper which we hope businesses will be able to use as a guide to tackle the pressing issues that the pandemic poses. Click here to read the full preparedness response plan for businesses.


Organic Oyster Mushroom Grown, Processed and packaged in Sierra Leone

Are you looking for organic and fresh homegrown Mushroom in town? Are you into the hotel and restaurant business? Please, look no further Ndolegbeh Integrated Agricultural Company in Kenema, is here for you. With there one in town organic goodness. Adequately process and package mushroom, healthy and affordable, rich in vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants that are good for the skin, going for Le 40,000 for 250g. Call these numbers and put in your orders now +23279529291/+23276636881 @ Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Fresh and organic Mushrooms
Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
Le 40,000 for 250g oyster mushroom

©By Rahima Vandy Kargbo known as Dasalonetiti Rahima