Jal’s Design

Today we have the opportunity to talk to the designer of all things Africana (Ankara). He went to St. Edwards Secondary School and he is currently a year two student at the East Freetown International College studying Procurement and Logistics. He is the Owner and founder of JAL’S DESIGN, Ibrahim Jalloh. You can contact him at 7 Sani Abacha Street opposite First International Bank (FIBank) or on his mobile phone on +23276119806 or +23234139990.

Ibrahim Jalloh in his own designs
He is the hand and brain 🧠 behind these amazing designs

He chose this field because from his early years he has always been creative, as he loves to explore and add his personal touches to everything to make it different. He was, however, drawn into the business side of it by his younger sister. His sister used to buy some items from a local artisan at the Victoria Park and resells them, but during the Ebola period business activities slowed down and she was going through constrains to get these items as most could not produce or decided to stay home, she could no longer get the items she wanted. So one day out of frustration she said to him why can’t you be making these items for me I will purchase the necessary raw materials you need since you are not doing anything currently. He initially didn’t want to do it out of fear, but his sister who believes in his talent encouraged him to try. She gave him all the confidence he needed, but when it comes to her investing in the raw materials she was no longer enthusiastic.

Patriotic t-shirt, bags, slippers by Jal’s Design
Happy clients in Jal’s design

So he took upon himself to start on his own and his sister was blown away. She was surprised to see his handwork was so good. She immediately joined him and that’s how Jal’s design started.

Africa our home and trust the process t-shirts by Jal’s
Backpack by Jal’s design

He is making customize contemporary t-shirt with logos and brand names using Africana (Ankara) wax and cotton, slippers, sandals for both men and women, shorts, bum bags, backpacks for children and adults, all types of hats, headbands and other accessories.

T-shirts, bags, and headband by Jal’s
More backpack with beautiful africana wax

His business has been supporting him over the years as he is independent now and does not rely on hand out from people. His business has been a source of financial help and this has led to validate his belief that we all have the power to change our circumstances. Owing to the fact that he is now able to provide for himself, he is using his knowledge, skills, and platform to empower other Sierra Leoneans. He is currently training over ten young people with his artistry and has created jobs for five others as he alone cannot do all the work.

Bum bags, hats, and slippers/sandals for men by Jal’s

Most of the downside of his business is access to material, especially the hollandaise wax, cotton, and woodin which he uses most of the time. As we all know Sierra Leone is a small market so suppliers most times bring a few pieces of specific designs. Therefore, if you create something out of such material after the first production you cannot find the same material anymore and clients will keep asking for that specific material design. Another constraint is the frequent rise in prices of goods and materials used in production, which can directly lead to an increase in the cost to the client.

Modeling Jal’s designs
T-shirts and waist bags with client names

In the near future, he wishes to build the appropriate networks and distribution channels for his craft. Get the right connections to be producing and exporting his craft to the rest of the world. He wants to be able to create as much impact as possible, train and influence other youth positively. He wants Jal’s Design to be a household name and a leading brand in the creative fashion industry in Sierra Leone.

Happy clients
Casual slippers for both sexes by Jal’s

His wise words for the youth of this nation is that they should not be discouraged if they are not cut out for the mainstream educational system. They should take advantage of the technical, vocational and skills learning system formally or informally that will help them sustain their lives economically. It is very obvious that the government cannot meet the employment demands of this country. So, it’s about time as youths of this country to look for alternative means of employment, which is entrepreneurship.

Client’s and Models of Jal’s
Sandals for women by Jal’s

So there you go readers, you heard of him first here@dasalonetiti_ryhima. I can honestly confirm that he is one of the best we have when it comes to creative designs. Try him, support small business and support local content. He is open to partnership with Sierra Leoneans entrepreneurs within the industry at home and the diaspora, as only Sierra Leoneans can build Sierra Leone.

Beautiful ready to wear slippers for women
Beautiful African slippers for men

©By Rahima Vandy-Kargbo known as dasalonetiti Rahima



In the early hours of the morning
Yes! You will hear the cock crow
The arzaan of the nearest mosque will be calling our Muslim brother for prayers. If that is not enough,
your neighbour sheikh will be shouting salaat! Salaat!
By your window, get up, get ready and go serve Allah. You never know the day nor the hour death will come knocking. Seems as if he is talking to you directly.
You don’t know when you will die, nobody knows. But the sheikh is my mother’s brother’s cousin ar bin tell una to say salone wi all fambul

The old woman will tie her bum bag
Tight around her waist, we call it orjah.
Carry her bamboo basket on her head, yes e make the kata
Basket weave with our river line scrubs
As she got to the junction all she could hear was
Eastern police! Eastern police! I don’t have lose change or small denomination.
Apprentice, can you please move aside ar wan enter. I am late already, the lady in the blue suits says. Dovecut would be jam packed already the old woman mentioned. Hope today will be a better day for me, the man next to her said with a sigh. Dis driva na wan woman wey wi komot na d same village ein Pekin e marred. Salone wi all fambul yah.

Six o’clock in the morning everybody is out already, the street is packed full
With traders hustling whatever goods they have for the day.
It is too crowdy here, that man has just been pickpocketed. Ayah make ar go ba make dem nor cam cors mi.
That lady’s phone had been snatched.
I can’t find my lunch, the school girl cried, how will I even get home. Five-O and clique boys are at work.
Can anybody hear anything at Abacha street? music, megaphones with pre-recorded adverts, hey girlfriend, fine girl, baby na Facebook, d Mamie, na WhatsApp they called out to anyone passing.
If you touch their goods without buying, wondri buyer bo pass wit u bad luck. What can we do the street is full with our aunts and sisters, I told you earlier wi all fambul

Your nice neighbor has an occasion, she would go around
Informing every member or household in the community
My daughter is getting married
The whole community will be at their compound helping, na awujor start so
No one will mind the loud music, the bachelor’s eve e swit.
Our throats are dry they call for more alcoholic beverages, we wan Jerry we yai
Your parent will be like, na Fatu ein pekin don married so
When will you marry, my daughter? Papa, I am still in school. D orkor n d yawo are long-distance cousins, yes Salone wi all fambul.

Every household should bring their own bowl, I don’t have take away bowls to give out, and that’s how I have lost all my decent bowls.
About to dish out this cassava leave, the jollof rice  will be kept for the guests.
No cook that day in the community.
Everyone will save that day’s chop money for life’s other troubles. 
We will eat now, went to the wedding and still create problems if not given food. I was not served at all, they will complain after the wedding. Dem bin de look face.
Meanwhile, Mamie Sallay had two black plastic bags filled with food
Yet, she sits as if she has not eaten or received any food. Hmmm, do you know who I am? na me pekin ein paddy ein cousin na ein marred so. Salone wi all fambul

The church closer to us had been singing and praying through the night. They did that? Yes! na all net dem get,
they justify. Pa Morlai comes out of the house shirtless as he stretches from side to side. He said, whole net mi nor sleep sef, this church with their prayers
They will grumbled but never report
They are Godly and they fear God’s wrath
That’s why when you ask them, how the body? they’ll reply tell God tenki
God bless us and bless Sierra Leone. That’s all he can say because his brother’s daughter is the head of the choir unit in the church. Salone wi all fambul

An elderly woman was passing by, when she saw her neighbour’s daughter, standing in a corner with a boy. she came closer and point her touch in their faces, As if, to say is that really you, standing with a boy. Na pipul Pekin u de-squeeze na corner so
Let me go and inform your parents, hundred meters is too short a relay for both of them
Obviously, she won’t report but will call and advice especially the girl
Pay attention in school, komot behen man biznes e nor de pass
Next time I won’t hesitate to tell your parents, da borbor de na me paddy ein paddy ein pekin n e nor serious wan
When did we lose this again? Wi all fambul

Mama Loko Limba falls in love with papa Sherbro Krio
Awor! They gave birth to united nations, which one should I identify as again?
No matter what region or tribe you are from
We are all related, wi all na wan as granny kin say
Even our relatives in the diaspora will say na me Salone Broda
Salone blood nor de hide, we love to party and have a good time
Is it paddle time yet? Or lantern? we may fight, we may argue
Mostly when these politicians try to divide us for their own gains
But as our wise people will say; fambul tick de bend but nor de broke
Yes! Salone wi all fambul.

©By Rahima Vandy Kargbo known as dasalonetiti Rahima