Sonnisha’s 🍴 Kitchen, Entrepreneurs Within the Food Industry- Sierra Leone

I am super excited😀😊readers, and can you guess why? yes I know, I know, I like food but I am not a foodie. I am thrilled because this is my first food blog post. So, this week I am going to serve you this very young student entrepreneur on a platter. Get all your cutleries ready. Now let’s dig into it. Bon appetite!

Sonnisha’s Kitchen

Let’s get serious now, can we? enough with the distractions. You all meet our very own young student entrepreneur, Miss Sonia Haja Koroma. Owner and Founder of Sonisha’s Kitchen. A law student at the Fourah Bay College, currently in year three. Oooo yes! aspiring lawyers can cook too.

Miss Sonia Haja Koroma Owner of Sonisha’s Kitchen

She said, as a kid, she hated the kitchen, she thought then it was too much of a work. Washing all those plates and pot, the sweeping and cleaning to tidy up the kitchen after cooking was too much for her. That was her image and understanding of the kitchen. Children in Africa can relate. But as she grew up in her teenage years, her interest in food increases and the same for her love for the kitchen.

Crunchy Fish Fingers by Sonnisha’s Kitchen

She is a foodie and her passion for cooking started with her trying out various recipes for herself. She then started cooking for family and friends and they were intrigued by how good and tasty her food was. She got a lot of compliments and feedback from people of all ages and different background. That’s when she started paying close attention to this talent of hers and the thought of doing it commercially was born.

Crispy /Crunchy Chicken wings by Sonnisha’s Kitchen

She said cooking has helped her a lot and has open a lot of opportunities for her, as she cooks and caters for a lot of people and events. She constantly tries to upgrade herself by learning new recipes on and offline, by trying out new ways to make old foods. Cooking helps her financially, and has provided her with lunch money, transportation to and fro college and other basic needs she has as a young woman. Cooking keeps her going, she said.

Slice Sausages with tomato sauce by Sonnisha’s Kitchen

I asked her, how she is able to balance her school work and her catering business? She smiled and replied; previously if by any chance my catering work collides with my exams or any other important academic programs I won’t take the job. That is no longer a problem as I have a very hard-working assistant, who is able to hold the fort in my absence. As a result, I am now able to balance my academics and catering services more efficiently.

Sandwich by yours truly

Her advice to her fellow students is that they should not limit themselves to just academics. There are skills they could be talented with and they should not be afraid to explore those skills. To fellow young Sierra Leoneans, she said: “let not be mentally or physically lazy, let our mind be as active as possible, we can do anything we set our hearts to do”. There are so many other things we could do, as young people to uplift our selves economically and it starts with our minds.

Vegetable bulgur with plantain

She needs all the support she can get from us Sierra Leoneans. She really cooks well, does nice foods and her prices are very affordable. For inquiries about her services please contact her on Facebook@Sonia Haja Koroma, or you can call her on the following numbers; +23278607275/ +23299381090. ✌peace @dasalonetiti

Miss Koroma


©By Rahima Vandy-Kargbo known as dasalonetiti Rahima

14 thoughts on “Sonnisha’s 🍴 Kitchen, Entrepreneurs Within the Food Industry- Sierra Leone

  1. Sonia girl am proud of you darling😍
    You have been a girl I have known passionate about cooking for the past 12 years I have known you,I remember the days we will have a day out and specifically choose you to cook cause no one does it better than you when it comes to African and continental dishes bbz your hands are magical when it comes to food and am proud you decided to take it to the next level…Wish you all the best and keep making people happy with your hand😘


  2. I’m so proud of Sonia❣️
    I wish her all the best 🙌🏽
    If she needs coaching on how to set up a formal / legal business, customer segmentation, events and ideas on running a start up in Sierra Leone, I’ll be glad to help.


  3. This is so impressive !
    Was always saying being an aspiring lawyer comes handy and now how can a young sociable lady handle this two?
    Typical definition of everything is possible when you’re determined.
    Miss koroma ,i’m proud of your work and am sure this food taste delicious because my eyes and instinct never fail me .


  4. She can cook so well
    Tasty delicious and yummy food is prepared by her
    J’s auntycan do it best👍🏽


  5. The food looks so yummy. Glad our young ladies are showing others that you can be a great student and a wonderful enterpreneur as well.
    Kudos to you for showcasing her beautiful story.


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