Fishnet Enterprise- Sierra Leone’s Young Entrepreneurs

Today we have the chance to meet Mohamed Junior Sesay. A young man born and raised in Sierra Leone. He attended Services Secondary School where he took the Wassce and proceeded to Milton Margai College of Education and Technology. He studied Accounting and Finance. He had just been accepted for a degree program at Saint Monica University, 241 Avon bridge drive, Townsend, DE 19734 USA. And of 31 Bolling street, Kingtom. He wants to study Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Mr. Mohamed Junior Sesay

He owns a business named Fishnet Enterprise which he started two years ago in July 2017, but Registered it in October 2018.

He is into growing our home products and vegetables such as; cassava leaves, potato leaves, Krain Krain, pepper, okra, and other foodstuffs like tola, fermented sesame seeds know amongst Sierra Leoneans as ogiri. He leased a four and a half acres of land at lungi which he uses for his farming.

Four and a half acres of Farm land in Lungi

This is the only thing he is doing and does not have any regular nine to five work. He has few sponsors who actually don’t offer any physical cash to him, but do provide support for him in other areas of his business especially in the agricultural and farming aspect; where he lacks expertise they then come in and offer help to take care of pest and provide control measures in the farming business, so that his products can meet the international standards of the European market. He has a Company from Belgium named “Bergamini Serge Scrl” that are into the supermarket and hyper stores business. They are currently sponsoring him through a project called “Fit For Market” that trains and teaches them; himself and his staffs to produce goods that meet all international standards and regulation, for European and United State market.

Green Pepper from Sierra Leone

There are times, like now when the rainy season is at its peak he sources some of his vegetables from out-growers if he does not have enough to supply from his farmland. As his land is swampy and too much rain can lead to water covering most of his leased land. It is during a time like this, he buys from out-growers that also produce under the same international standards

Frozen Cassava leaf

He ships his good to the United Kingdom and Belgium for now. But most of his shipment is for the UK. He has Sierra Leonean Vendors in UK like; Sabinah Food Store, of 8 Choument Road, Peckham, London SE154SE. He ships once every week to them. For Belgium, he ships supply as per request and they are foreign vendors; Germans that buy his products.

His Packaged good heading for ready to be shipped

He is currently using his mum’s place at waterloo as his factory site. Where is packaged all his goods and get them frozen? He then brings them to his place at Murray Town where he will continue to store them in the refrigerator until his next shipment. That is when he will take them to the airport, get them checked through customs and other bodies responsible for that. After this process, and when his goods had been approved he will then send to the appropriate countries.

Getting his goods through customs

Presently, he does not ship fish to the UK and Belgium, but fishes do go to America. So he is looking for strong vendors From USA that he might work with to be sending smoked stockfish. He gets his Fishes from the different wharves in Freetown such as; Goderich, Funkia, Sussex, Lakka, Bawbaw, Tombo and Mamah beach. He has local dryers in all these places who smoked the fishes for him following all standards and as we all know, smoking is a form of preservation too.

The flower pods from surrel called in Sierra Leone Shakpa
Local dryer called in Sierra Leone “Bandah”

Mohamed Junior Sesay is looking for competent, committed and reliable vendors to partner with or sponsors to promote him in his business. Anyone interested in working with him should do so by sending him an email.on or on his mobile phone +23276449222 for further information and discussion. He currently employs eight Sierra Leoneans and with more vendors, he would be able to employ more hands. As it is, he ships only once or twice a week if the weather is favorable as it is summertime, in most western countries sometimes he ships on Wednesdays and Sundays. If the weather is not favorable he ships only on Sundays. That is why he wants to get more vendors so he could possibly be able to ship thrice a week, expand and create more jobs for the youth of this country.

Raw fish waiting to be dried

Salone youth be like Mohamed Junior Sesay. Don’t just sit there and wait for hand out, hand me down or Bra you borbor de. Get on your feet and start something, no matter how small. It is never too late to turn over and challenge yourself. Let’s keep the spirit of the lion in us intact and take pride in what ours. ✌peace out

Fresh Krain Krain Leaves


©By Rahima Vandy-Kargbo known as dasalonetiti Rahima