Bead Up- Young Women taking the lead in Sierra Leone.

Today’s feature of Sierra Leone young entrepreneurs; is our very own Miss Jeneba Ruth Silvalie. Who actually turns her passion into a business. As a young girl, she loved beads and as she sees people around her doing beadwork she will stop, stare and observe. She had never gone through any formal bead training. It’s her gift, her talent, she said! so she started doing the beadwork for herself and some of her friends if there is an event they need to attend. Until she sat to the wassce and was unable to get the requirement; the five credit needed to enter university. She finally started looking at the business side of her passion for the first time. She does all her bead and craftwork herself and sells on wholesale to other retailers. She is not outsourcing any of her work and that why she takes pride in what she does.

Customized hand beads from Bead up

She watches a lot of you tubes videos to look for what’s trending in the bead world and will incorporate that into her beadwork. She says her line of business needs a constant update of herself and her work. She sells her items to her fellow student for competitive prices to attract them and to get them to keep buying from her and give referrals. As a student, she needs her transport and upkeep money and that strategy has been working for her. Most of her plans had been stalled or put on hold, so she can concentrate on her school work, after which she will focus on what next for her business.

Hand work of Bead up

Coming from a humble background, she had no one to help her pay for a re-sit of the wassce. She had to make the decision to turn her beadwork into a business. She went to the market with just Le 10,000 bought some beads and start her business, as she needed money to take care of herself and see herself through school. With just Le 10,000 she had been able to pay for herself to retake the wassce, this time she got her five credit and she is currently at The Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone studying.

Beaded slippers by Bead up

She buys most of her input materials in Freetown, few times she had bought materials online and she had made friends who are in the same business that helps her out if she needs any material that is not found in Freetown. These networks of people in the bead business had worked for her, and her relationships with them had been yielding fruits. Some of these friends will bring the gift of beads for her when they traveled out of the country to source raw materials. This has been a major blessing to her and her business. One major drawback is the accessibility to original or quality attachment and lockers for her necklaces, sandals, bracelet to give them that fine finish. Any counterfeit material can cause damage to the business as they might; react on the client skin, fade easily and lose their shine, or cause skin rash and allergies. So far she has been sourcing good materials to avoid these issues but it has not been easy.

Slippers and sandals by Bead Up

In the next few years, she would want to establish a school in Sierra Leone for art and craft. Where she would teach the art of bead making or embedding beads into products to other young Salone people. Part of the school will have a showroom of some of the work of the students. She is also interested in working with disabling and beggars, by empowering them so they leave the street and be self-dependant.

Bags by Bead Up

Her advice to young people like herself especially young girls is that they should get involved in whatever in their heart that they are passionate about. They should stop procrastinating and take the first step, that eventually everything will fall into place. Sleeping with men, promiscuity is never an option or excuse for poverty and hardship. She presently trains young people who want to learn the bead-making process for free. She said she believes in the quote that says ” from the small beginning comes big end”. Young girls should be content and avoid peer pressures. There are no easy way out or free ride. They should work the talk and be patient.

Bead Up

As a citizen of Sierra Leone, our job is to support young entrepreneurs like Jeneba of Bead Up. Buying from her means we are actually helping her build her dreams and helping Sierra leone economically. That money we spend on her product stays within our country. So let’s make it our obligation to support her and her bead business. She can be reached on the following numbers; +23278882055/ +23277993239


©By Rahima Vandy-Kargbo known as dasalonetiti Rahima


African Woman is a Beautiful Being.

African women, we are the most beautiful being ever to walk on earth. We have had all the features before they are approved by the west; thick thighs, big boobs, thick lips, hourglass shape. We have all these features before the west invaded and turn our world upside down….and we lost everything even Beauty now depends on how “they” perceive it rather than how we perceive ourselves…we have been brainwashed, the mind’s eye of our men have been rewired and reset to ignore us if beauty is the topic of we judge ourselves, our esteem is so low they are almost diminishing and we women our own worse enemies. The first to body shame our fellow women, to point their flaws; oooh look at her stretch marks, see her dangling breast, see her Knock knees or bow legs, see how big or thick her lips are, look at her elephant thighs, see her squinted eyes e.t.c just because we see ourselves more as competition/threat rather than sisters.

African women, we have so many barriers and obstacles working against us, so much so, that this above anything else should bring us together in sisterhood. Let fix each other’s crown, let’s build our sisterhood..the bond we share should be stronger than any man, petty jealousy, envy, job rivalry, Business rivalry, politics and some of the other mundane things that divide us as women. There is strength in diversity, all of us can not be the same, we come in different size short, tall, thick, slim, fair, dark, big nose, tiny button nose, big mouth, smallmouth but at the end, we are all beautiful because our foremothers told us so. Because we know so, because we believe so, let embrace our kinky hair, our melanin.

Teach the young sisters to stop bleaching it does not add any value to their beauty rather its takes away the beauty of their true self, self-worth, the radiance and natural glow of the skin. It causes health issues apart from the fact that bleaching does not look good on the eyes at all.

So let me share this story with you:

There was a little girl name Baindu in Lauwa Town. Whenever the parents are leaving for work they will ask her, Baindu what can we bring you? she would reply, a doll. Of course, dolls, are cheap especially the ones we call “dry Memuna” her parent will gladly buy and bring home for Baindu.

She always wonders why are dolls don’t look like her or have the same hair, Baindu’s hair is coarse and sometimes she cries when her hair is been braided but her dolls hair are always so soft and so long that she wonders why hers is always short, curly and shrink down after combing.on top of that Baindu’s aunties, uncles, friends, and neighbours will tease her saying; oooh Baindu your child is way prettier, see her hair is long, yours is short, see how straight her nose is yours is broken, see her waist is so small…Baindu will cry and throw the dolls away. The next day her mother said, Baindu what can I bring you today? she replies nothing! the mother asks her, but Baindu why? She replies I don’t want a doll that is prettier than me or doesn’t look like me. She never asks for a doll again because as little as she is, she does not want to be the judge.

Let teach our kids, that they are beautiful irrespective of the colour of their skin or texture of their hair. Let teach our girls self-worth and how to embrace themselves. LOW SELF ESTEEM is real SELF HATE is them dolls that look like them, don’t compare them with their dolls. Adult, parents are sensitive about to your kids, if our girls/women are healthy emotionally and physically we will have healthy homes, offices, communities because they will be confident to take on the world or any challenges they are faced with and not worry about how they look or how people perceive them. Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder. the most beautiful person to you will not be as beautiful to the next person. Let embrace ourselves. women allow other women to lean on your shoulder we all do need a shoulder, fix each other’s crown. Catch them young let build our young girls, let’s start again with their generation, kids learn the most when they are young.

We can do it, if only we believe in ourselves let’s be our sister’s keeper, let’s build a sisterhood stronger than the protein fibre of the spider web, let build the way the Baindu story is fictional😂😉🤩😍Salone Uman unu no una sef#Salone women know thyself

©By Rahima Vandy Kargbo know as dasalonetiti Rahima


It’s raining hailstone, mother Nature stoning destruction on her tenants. She is so high on anger an addiction it has become. She sends down pain that is icy cold on their backs. The dilapidated house she sees everywhere. what is left of once her glorious home? The Remnant of spoilt and decay is here to stay. She would not listen to all their pleas, not ever again. How wicked can these children be? Good people should be a reflection of the earth, but definitely not these ones.

Hail Stone

It’s earthquake time here and there again. She shook them with all her might. They tremble in fear and kneel in obedience before her. These treacherous beings had maimed and raped all her children so. On broken wings and bended knees, they cut them down anyway. Grown children she lost and can’t conceive again. She way past her prime, the heart is broken she swept in silence. The loneliness is her escape. How can all the strong trees be gone? Good people should be a reflection of the earth, but definitely not these ones.


Tornado she brought on them, now she becomes the evil stepmother. Most strong and violent forms funnel of dust in what seems as if she is filtering the dirt of this world from slipping through. Thunderstorm and heavy wind that uproots the tiniest weeds as it clears the path for a new beginning. Good people should be a reflection of the earth but definitely not these ones.


From her smile, you can feel the scourge of heat, as she tries to hide her pain. Rays of the sun that burns through the skin as black as coal. She cannot help herself from feeling lost. She breathes out the inferno wild and erases every greenfield to ashes. Hunger descends on them, the locust came and feed on all their plants. The lesson she teaches is still not learned a fail generation it is. How can her children turn out this way? Good people should be a reflection of the earth, but definitely not these ones.


It’s flooding season here again. No trees left to hold the rains, gutters too shallow and filled with dirt but their mother care less. She is tired of talking already lost her voice. Their actions are way out of this world she doesn’t know what else to do. She will keep sending her tears on them just to get their attention. She get that’s only when their buckets are full and all their exploit has gone. All their cries are that of the crocodile. She wants to forgive but her heart is full of doubt as they will go back to their old ways. Good people should be a reflection of the earth, but definitely not these ones.

©By Rahima Vandy-Kargbo known as dasalonetiti Rahima


Shades Of Lipstick 💄💋

Lipstick Red

Like blood, it flows.
Stains and soils whatever it touches.
Every Vein it flows through form bonds Unbreakable.
Like the Mystery of it existence unshakable.
Where did it come from again?
They say it spits Passion.
They say it spills Love.
Yet the world is full of strangers.
Like a river, it flows through each of us.

Red lipstick PC google

Lipstick Yellow

Like a furnace, it glows and dances into shapes undefine.
Burns whatever it touches, every path it treads with anger and thirst unquenchable.
Destroy everything and everyone for or against it.
Is that even fair?
Too much heat, you can’t be close.
Providing light and darkness at the same time.
The world of extreme, no place for the middle.
They say it spreads death.
They say it spread ashes.
Like fire it destroys.

Yellow lipstick PC google photo

Lipstick Blue

Like the ocean, it moves with calmness when at peace.
Give lives to whatever it touches.
If crossed, beware of waves as high as the mountain, that will rock your world and shatter its very foundation.
Every movement it makes with torrent unpredictable.
Can it even gently rock your boat?
They say it pushes you out with an unkind force.
They say it brings you in again into the coldest embrace.
Its voice can be heard,
when it hit the rocks and shape their lives forever.
Echo’s it rage, the mountains call back she roars like a lion.
yes! it moves with calmness when at peace.

Blue lipstick PC Google

©dasalonetiti Rahima

Poem by ©Rahima Vandy-Kargbo known as dasalonetiti Rahima


One of Sierra Leone Fempreneurs, Ramona Fatunatu Sankoh owner of Monaj24/7

Meet today’s dose of Sierra Leone Young vibrant female Entrepreneurs. She is nobody but the dynamic go-getter Ramona Fatunatu Sankoh.

Her Logo

A public Servant and owner/ founder of Monaj24/7. She is a household name in Sierra Leone and abroad and she is into everything Ankara. Using the Ankara to make clothing and accessories with a modern twist to it.

In her own designs

That can be used to spice and posh up the everyday casual look. Which is very appealing to young Sierra Leoneans. She customizes; exercise books, diaries, headbands, hats, straw hat, clothing, earrings, bomber jackets, neckpieces, sandals and slippers for both sexes, that are authentically Sierra Leone. Contact your homegirl for that special Ankara touch to add to your look. You can also use her product for a gift on holidays to your bosses, your mothers, fathers, sons e.t.c Let’s continue to support local business and give them the chance to grow and compete. She is on the following Social Media handles;
FB- RamonaMonaj

Men Leather Ankara Slippers

Emoji fun bags and clutches
Custom ankara books for a client
Casual bags and statement
Neck pieces and matching bangles
Earrings and matching bangles
Her latest ankara silk collections


©By Rahima Vandy-Kargbo know as dasalonetiti Rahima


In Sierra Leone Who Has Bondo(Female Circumcision) helped?

There has been a lot of debate about the Bondo/ Sande Society in recent times. Everyone seems to have an opinion; the circumcised, uncircumcised, and our men are in the equation too. Some say it’s a tradition and should not be abandon. Others say it’s barbaric we should get rid of it. Some say we are only claiming it is barbaric because the west says so. Others have religious views as to why the Bondo initiation rite is not good. Amongst women there seems to be a divide also; between those, you have gone through the process and are defending it because they have no side effects or complications. Those who are circumcised and hate it, because, they had suffered so many complications even through childbirth. Those who are circumcised with no side effect but hate it anyway. Those who have not gone through it but hated it, because the secret has long left the “Bondo Secret Society” now It is just Bondo, they are aware of everything about the Bondo society and they don’t want to be part of it.

PC Google stock photos

From my personal experience, I went through the Bondo society at age eleven. We did not go into any bush. We were taken to someplace at Mends Street, a Compound own by one Haja. Of course, they said it was a Sunah Bondo whatever that means I don’t even know. Before my initiation, I used to scratch my clitoris a lot. Then, it has an awful way of itching most times, not every time though. I was an innocent little girl. That’s the only memory I have of my dear Clitoris. One faithful day, they took me to Mend street in the centre of town. I was guarded into a room filled with young confused, nervous, and scared girls. You can tell by just looking at them. It was a waiting room; where we were prepared before the ceremony of slaughtering our clitoris. I guess most of us knew the deal anyway but it’s was too late to run, hide or throw tantrums. When it was my turn I was blindfolded and helped into another room where I was stripped. The odour in the room was something else, some fishy, bloody smell. They laid me on the floor, a giant woman then quickly came on top of me and gagged me, I could feel her weight on my eleven years old bear chest. While two other women just stretched my feet wide apart. You can hear the clinging of the unsterilized metal and then boom just like that my clits were snatched from me. The pain was so excruciating thought someone just opened my chest and was trying to rip my heart out. I gave out the loudest scream even when gagged. No anaesthetic, nothing for the pain, just like that, a surgery was done on me and I was wide awake. They took their leafy stuff and sealed the new wound. It seems as if some sort of spice was added to those leaves because it burns like hell, the pain and discomfort were out of this world. The agony and torture I will never forget.

PC Google stock photos

Some years down the line, I went to the hospital to give birth. According to the doctors, my cervix was not big enough and the baby descended quickly causing vagina tears. That means I needed to be stitched to close the extra opening to prevent infection and further complications. Imagine the pain, after going through nine to ten hours of labour for a natural birth. It was excruciating, period.

PC Google stock photos

Some might ask, why am I explaining this? Because, many years after my circumcision, I am still questioning, did my initiation played a role in my vagina tear during childbirth? If my clitoris was intact, would that have been my fate? Would It be still itching? How would it feel like having one? Am I genuinely experience the pleasures of sex? I guess I’ll never know the answers to these questions.

PC Google stock photos

Before trying to know these answers after ‘wey water don pass garri’. Can we just try to prevent this torture from our girls at least until they are eighteen? I know we all have different ways our bodies react or heal, as pregnancy is to every woman. But we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that the Bondo process is very hurtful, inhumane, and painful. Besides, it adds nothing to the lives of these young girls. Why do we want to continue to put our girls through such ordeal in the name of upholding a tradition? Apart from the pain, I learned nothing in that place except for a few songs, that I forgot shortly after the initiation.

So let’s stop pretending, some people are claiming that the Bondo bush is a place where girls can learn how to take care of the home, family, and perform other household chores. Maybe they used to, during our mother’s time, but nothing like that happens nowadays. The questions that need answers now are; can’t these Soweis (those performing the circumcision process) be taught other life skills to empower them find work in other areas within their communities? Can they be trained in other ways to empower these girls? In any case, Bondo is mostly done during the long school holiday period, and in December, or any other time convenient for the Soweis. One cannot take care of oneself on small revenue that comes in twice or at most three times in a year.

I know for sure, with my experiences and all the things I have been through. I will protect my daughter or any girl child in my care until she is old enough to understand the implications of FGM. I will tell her everything there is to know about the Bondo. If she still wants to go, after she turns eighteen it will be on her head and resources. Let give our girls the chance to live, and explore. Let give them choices and options. It does not mean because our mothers and grandmothers went through it, so we do not have the right to question it.

To what extent is Bondo helping us? Even if the big and long clitoris is a problem for some girls, is there no other way it could be fixed without cutting? The itching; is there no other way it can be stopped? As for using the promiscuity argument, I totally don’t get it. So this might be a topic for another day. Meanwhile, let us answer this question honestly. Who has female circumcision helped? (Udat bondo help?) The soweis, the girls, the men, or the communities? If it has not helped anyone, then why are we holding on to it? Anyway, till the next write up, peace out✌✌✌#whocuthelp?#

# itthesierraleonewayornowayatall

©By Rahima Vandy-Kargbo known as Dasalonetiti Rahima


They called her SHE

They called her she
Beauty undefined, strength unrefined
They called her she, clad in grace and honor
Power and zest that joggles the world load.
She sits perfectly, a golden crown resting on her temples. With glitz and glam, she floats through hard work with ease and persistence, yes! she slays. who says queens don’t?

They called her she,
Afraid of her? the beast unchained and fear unleashed.
They called her she, covered in divine royalty and regal.
She couldn’t stand from violation unkind, on bended knees they tried to break her, subject to the valiant of masculinity, she turns her blood to lipstick unmatted and stains their very heart. She is not broken. Who says queens do?

They called her she
Unmoved, unshakeable, she rises from the ashes. The earth cries in her torment. In the belly of the beast, they were formed. With uncommon strength, she laboured in pain and pushed them out. Feet of fire first, unusual right? None would be here if not for her. She uses the clay poured on her as her beauty mask; the regimen, the glam, who says Queens Can’t?

They Called her She

Poem ©By Rahima Vandy-Kargbo know as Dasalonetiti Rahima

One of Sierra Leone’s Male Fashion Designer.

Born and raised in Sierra Leone. Abdel Kareem El-sudaise Mumini is the owner and CEO of Mumini Fashion Empire. That is a brand and a household name in the Sierra Leone fashion industry. He had made a name for himself and a mark in the Fashion business. He is a young hard-working, charismatic gentleman with dreams and aspirations to change the rules of the fashion game.

Abdel Kareem El-Sudaise Mumini in the Middle with some of his Models

Coming from a humble family that is known within the central part of Freetown for this type of business. His late father used to own the biggest Tailoring Shop in that part of town, it was a family business; which means his dad and brothers were designers themselves. Even though his parents were not rich, they knew the importance of education, so they were all sent to school. He attended the Saint Edward Secondary School. His parent instilled in him the habit of working hard. For them, being smart means hard work and be determined in whatever field you find yourself. This has been his driving force and motto since he was a kid running around his Father’s shop.

Abdel Kareem Mumini

He never gave fashion a thought until his Senior years at St. Edwards Secondary School. That was when his fashion sense just clicked and everything falls perfectly into place. He started caring about what he wears and how he presented himself in public.

Abdel Kareem in his own designs flanked by his Models

Known for a particular traditional style; the Agbada and Dashiki gowns with modern embroidery designs. He had created a niche for himself, as the few places one cannot wear the Agbada to; is the swimming and the night club. Thus there is a huge market for what he does and a lot of growth opportunities. One can never go wrong with the Agbada.

Some satisfied Clients

He had worked for a lot of big personalities and dignitaries in Sierra Leone and abroad. His line of work brought him into close contact with people of different social standing and this has broadened his views about life. He has grown to appreciate life itself and he is so much grateful.

Satisfied Client of Mumini Fashion Empire

His message to young people of this country; is to look for what you love to do and see how you can turn that into a revenue source for yourself. Doing what you are passionate about and making money out of it, is a plus and a blessing in itself. You don’t need to start big, start with the little you have and gradually grow big, reduce unnecessary spending and cut down on your operating cost as much as possible, be persistent, be convincing, believe in yourself because if you don’t no one will.

Abdel Kareem doing what he loves most.

He hopes to one day see the Sierra Leone fashion industry be as developed as our counterpart in the West African Region, with fashion schools, wherein young people can actually go and enhance their knack.

If it’s Abgada he is the best, Make no mistake.

You can find his shop or showroom at 2 Campbell Street by PWD Junction Pademba Road. Go check out his store, tap into his experience for those who want to follow his steps in the fashion industry. Let’s patronizing local businesses and local content. Peace✌out @dasalone_titi.

Another grateful client


©By Rahima Vandy-Kargbo known as Dasalonetiti Rahima