Salone Beautiful Women….trendy,stylish and modest

Today the 4th of June 2019 is an exceptional day for me. Apart from the fact that our brothers and sisters are celebrating Eid Mubarak after 29 days of fasting and observing the month of Ramadan. Two of my beautiful divas are also celebrating their natal day, so you see why I said today is a beautiful day. Happy birthday shout out to you my people Isatu Kamara & Yassin Bangura. My social media timelines are lit with exceptional and gorgeous African attires by our Muslim family and friends; from bazins, gara ties, waxes, laces, and other beautiful kaftan and abayas.

I have also realized that Fashion and beauty have nothing to do exposing oneself, going nude or posting nudes pictures on social media as women. I was so overjoyed by all my sisters and brothers, no ashoke(gele) which we borrowed from our Nigerian counterparts, and we are now claiming it, as if, it was ours to claim. Salone, we are beautiful people, no one needs to endorse that for us. Let’s embrace our culture, let embrace our attires, let’s embrace our style, our roots, above all let’s embrace modesty. Why should we resign to wearing all these beautiful dresses and styles, I have seen today to Fridays only, is what I don’t get. I trust we will definitely get there one day. By the way, feel free to feast your eyes on these Salone beauties in their beautiful and modest regalias.

Mariam Seray Bayoh
Isatu Kamara
Kadiatu Kallon and Amiera
Fatmata Porreh Bangura and family
Angela Sankoh Swaray
Salamatu Neneh Kamara Smith
Adama Koroma
Jaka Mansaray
Fatim Koya Conteh
Salma Bah
Isatu Bah
Olabisi Tejan-Cole
Bella Barrie
The ever gorgeous Bella

Ever Gorgeous Kadiatu Jalloh
Maria Kamara and her minie

Now tell me aren’t they beautiful? Can’t you see what true beauty is even as covered up as they are?

Let’s encourage ourselves to promote the positive things about our culture and country as Sierra Leoneans. We must tell our own stories, by so doing we are able to tell it as it is; factually, truthfully. We have allowed other people or foreigners to tell our own stories for so long. If a Sierra Leonean is telling a Salone story he or she will tell it as it is; factually and truthfully in a manner, only us can understand. Though others can relate. wi go even tell wi neiba den say ‘una nor go understand it’s a salone thing’. let’s bring morality back to the centre, let’s promote our fashion and culture above all let’s promote modesty. Less is more they say and you can testify with the pictures above.

Many thanks to all the beautiful ladies who have graced my blog..continue to be this beautiful and gorgeous always. Happy Eid Mubarak everyone!!!

#saloneyouthknowthyself# peace out✌✌

©Rahima Vandy Kargbo otherwise known as dasalonetiti Rahima

6 thoughts on “Salone Beautiful Women….trendy,stylish and modest

  1. Hi Salone-titi,
    This is marvelous! I like what you’re doing. This is great. This is positive. Keep telling the story of Salone by Sierra Loneans. However, I see your blog is more or less chauvinistic 😌. One would have thought that having a blend of both sex would mean more interesting and well represented. Just my thoughts. #thoughtsbecomethings

    Liked by 1 person

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